Large Garage Floor Renovation

1 Day Coatings has completed another renovation project; this time in a large multi-port garage with old epoxy flooring. Our crews were assigned the task of:

  • Removing the old epoxy flooring
  • Filling the cracks & joint lines
  • Smoothing out the rough edges
  • Installing the Domino Color

As usual, this project took us only one day to complete and you can see the difference our amazing Vinyl Chip Flake system has made on their residential garage flooring!

Our Premier Industrial Floor Coating: Abilities & Overview of Installation

If you’re new to 1 Day Coatings, this is a great time to inform you of all that we are able to repair, renovate and install with our commercial grade flooring system.

Our premier industrial flooring system consists of a proprietary polyurea floor compound that can adhere to any surface to give it a smooth “orange peel like” texture. Our system is backed by a 15-year residential warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty. In addition, our product can stand up tough against: oil spills, abrasions, sudden impacts, water and much more

We follow a seamless installation process that we briefly touch on in our recent installation article: Our Cordwood Color – Installed in Weatherford TX, December 2018. In this article we discuss a little bit of our installation process including:

#1) Grinding The Floors to Create a Smooth Finish

#2) CR Mending: Fixing Floor The Floor Cracks

Removed Old Epoxy Flooring

If you took a moment to read our aforementioned article (link above) then you noticed we place a lot of emphasis on “grinding down the floors to create a smooth concrete surface.” This is a paramount part of our installation process and it has multiple purposes.

For instance, on this particular job we needed to remove the original & failing epoxy floor system. Using our floor grinder, we removed the epoxy flooring to expose the concrete surface below. This fresh exposure of new concrete gives us a clean surface for our Polyurea Basecoat to adhere to. Our Polyurea Basecoat acts as our “glue” holding our Vinyl Chip System to your concrete floor and is the key ingredient that makes our surface so tough for the long run.

Filled in The Cracks & Joint Lines

In addition to exposing the concrete surface, we also take the time to fill in our cracks with our CR Mender (crack repair) system. This mender creates a smooth surface by filling in our surface cracks so that our 1 Day Coatings product can sit smoothly on the surface.

Secondly, and with permission from our clients, we can fill in your joint lines (many garages have them) to create our smooth finish. Some home owners prefer to keep these joint lines and that’s okay. We just offer this as an added benefit to our clients if they so choose.

Smoothing Out The Edges

Lastly, our team can grind out, fill in or chisel rough concrete patches that may exist along your concrete surface. We repair these rough areas to create the smooth flooring system that we are so famous for. Therefore, if you have some rough patches in your garage, warehouse, kitchen or any other area – please let us know so we can identify how best to repair these areas. This is an important step in our installation process and you’ll be glad that we took the time necessary to address these issues of concern.

Installed The Domino Color

Don’t you just love when you finished product comes out beautifully and flawless? So we do! In fact, this project is a perfect example of just how beautiful our Domino Color looks inside of a multi-port garage.

Our client is elated with their new flooring system and all of the added benefits that it will provide them for years to come! Now this multi-port garage can now operate as an effective work space. From parking their cars, to working with tools, painting or playing with kids – this 1 Day Coatings floor is now ready for all that life has to throw at it!

After all, shouldn’t we all have safe, fun and protected areas for our families to grow, learn and play together! We think so to and its our mission to bring our beautiful 1 Day Coatings product to all who desire a safer, well protected area of their home: inside or out!