Deck Restoration – Fort Worth TX

Deck Restoration – Fort Worth TX

“Nothing is Ever Lost or Can Be Lost” – Walt Whitman

We’ve all got it – that one area of the home that is just plain old, broken, dirty or worn out. It always seems to be the zone that we don’t want friends or family to see – so we can make apologies when guests come over. We feel that these worn out areas of our home are sore sights and therefore don’t try to fix them up. After all, what’s the use?

Well, we are here to say that you no longer have to feel that way! We can instead take that tired or worn out area of your home and make it a focus of your home, instead of an eyesore. How can we do this? Simple – we apply our renowned 1 Day Coatings industrial floor coating to any area of the home and voila – a beautiful floor finish that is tough and long lasting!

Take this front porch for example. It had a exposed concrete finish and certainly looked worn and in need of repair. Areas of exposed concrete (such as this) are often tough to deal with and our clients are confused about what to do. You can’t paint it and you certainly don’t want to epoxy it. Instead, we can create a stunning display with a wide array of color options that makes this area look clean, crisp and colorful! It’s a win, win and your friends and family will take notice and enjoy this new comfortable area of your home. Creating a comfortable space for friends and family to spend time together is important to you right?

Outdoor & Indoor Restorations & Renovations

1 Day Coatings is capable of installing our premier Penntek Coating system on any area of your home. That includes all high traffic or heavily used areas that take the most abuse. Image for a second that you were able to treat the following areas. This would give you a fresh, long lasting & colorful floor that helps you live and improve your life. That’s something you want for your home and family, right?

You can apply our 1 Day Floor Coatings product to all areas of your home, including:

  • Front and Back Porches
  • Pool Decks & Patios
  • Sidewalks & Driveways
  • Garage Floors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens
  • Utility Rooms & Office Spaces

Essentially, anywhere that you want extreme protection against all that life throws at you – we can protect! In fact, our floors can protect your home against stains, oils, abrasions, impacts or any other rough handling that wood or tile can’t stand up against! We also provide you with a 15-year residential warranty. Now that’s a powerful product that helps you extend the life of your home and lower your long term maintenance cost.

Getting more out of your home for less money is something you’d want for your home, right?

Beautiful Pecan Color Selected

Our client selected the beautiful Pecan Color for this porch renovation. This color selection blends a natural tan finish with a slight malty undertone. It’s a relaxation color combination that is both classic and timeless.

Now this front porch is eye catching and simply looks stunning against the red panels and exposed wood railing. Capture this front porch with a Texas sunset and you’ve got a relaxing space for all to enjoy! Now where did we set that glass of wine? We’re ready to get out there for a fun family game night on a warm summer evening!

Focusing on the Details – Edges & Steps

Not all flooring installers are built the same. Some move quickly to get the installation completed and don’t focus on the details. Not 1 Day Coatings! We might be fast, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t focus on the details. No sir!

Instead, we spend our time finishing your project and working on detailed areas – such as below this railing and edges of the steps. It’s difficult to take a rough concrete surface (that we started with) and leave a smooth, finished product – but it’s what we do everyday!

Our team works diligently to repair existing concrete, prep and treat the surface prior to installing our products. It’s extensive prep work that allows our installations to go without a hitch and it’s our level of detail that we are known for! Do you have an area of your home that has some complex attributes that you’d like our team to treat and apply our 1 Day Coatings system?

We’re Ready for Your Home Renovation!

If you can’t tell – we’re ready for whatever outdoor or indoor floor renovation project you want to give us! Our team works diligently to provide the highest level of customer service available. Taking care of our clients is what we’re known for and we take that responsibility seriously!

Therefore, if you’d like to receive an idea for the cost of our product for your flooring project – just fill out our Instant Estimator form! This allows us to receive some photos and basic measurements for your work space. We receive this information right to our email and can submit you a preliminary estimate for you to review. Being fast, easy and convenient is what we strive to provide. Therefore, give us a call today to get started!

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These Results are Stunning!

These Results are Stunning!

Regular Homes – Turned into Beautiful Spaces for Work and Play!

1 Day Coatings specializes in the application of Industrial Floor Coatings. What exactly is an industrial floor coatings? Well, just imagine for a second that you need to do some work in your garage. You’ve got your power tools, primers / liquids, electrical cabling and loud music. Ahead of you is a day full of working on that beautiful truck and you plan on becoming a dirty grease ball by the time your done.

Most men experience the thrill of putting work aside and giving enough time and attention to that special vehicle in their life. It’s the time when the gloves come off (your wife may tell you to put them on) and you get to spend some quality time in the great outdoors of your garage. You’ve cleaned the space (or not) and you’re gonna make that grilled cheese sandwich and beer for lunch. What’s not to love?

Well, for starters, if you fall into this category – then you probably hate putting that much effort into your car or truck just to have a garage that looks filthy when you’re done. You’d love to have a work space that works just as hard as you do and one that you can truly take pride in. After all, you’re creating some magic right in your very garage with the work of your hands.

Shouldn’t your work space reflect the quality of work you are producing? Don’t you want that classic truck or car to look amazing sitting in that garage after its shine and polish? If so, you desperately need our 1 Day Coatings industrial flooring in your life. We’re here to help!

A Floor That Works Just as Hard as You Do – And Looks Good Doing It!

Finally, there is another option to the grungy concrete floor that soaks up oils and never looks as good as the first day you owned it. Instead, we believe that it’s time to stop the madness and invest in a garage floor coating that lasts and is beautiful for years to come!

Introduce our 1 Day Coatings industrial floor coating! This rugged floor coating is stronger than epoxy flooring and contains materials that adhere to your floor – giving you a long lasting & beautiful design.

The secret to our success is our Polyurea Base Coat & Top Coat. What are the benefits to polyurea? For starters, polyurea is capable of providing:

  • 20x stronger than Epoxy
  • Completely waterproof & impact resistant
  • Won’t crack or peel due to temperature changes
  • UV Resistant – so it won’t fade in direct sunlight
  • Chemical, Abrasion & Oil resistant

In other words, you’re new polyurea floor will last a lot longer than you might expect. In fact, our floors are sold with a 15-year warranty – it’s certainly a product that we stand behind!

Creating The “Orange Peel-Like” Texture

Another amazing benefit to the 1 Day Coatings product line is the “orange peel-like” texture that it creates for your concrete surface. This texture is both beautiful and safe. It provides a natural shine to your floors that your guest and family will surely notice and compliment you on. In addition, the increased slip resistance makes these floors a great option for those with young children or elderly family members.

In essence, these floors not only enhance the beauty of your home – but they also enhance the quality of your lifestyle. You can now do all of the things that you’d normally enjoy doing without having to worry about how to protect your floors. They protect you and the cleanup of these durable industrial floor coatings is easy and stress free.

Perfect for the Home, Office or Commercial Facility

So, whether you are shopping for your Home, Office or Commercial setting – our 1 Day Coatings product is designed to enhance the quality of your home and work life. In fact, we’ve serviced many commercial facilities – ranging from Commercial Kitchens to Jails and Warehouses.

Our clients rave about the beauty and quality of their new 1 Day Coatings floors and can’t enough good things about our product line. It’s the primary reason that we are so passion about selling this product. We truly believe in it and the beneficial qualities it provides our clients! If you’d like a free estimate, we invite you to give us a call or fill out our Instant Estimator form! This is a great way to get in touch with us and provide us a quick overview of the job site, quickly.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Let’s take the first steps towards enhancing your lifestyle with our beautiful floors that you’ll love for years to come!

Complete Backyard – Outdoor Patio, Sidewalk & Pool Deck

Complete Backyard – Outdoor Patio, Sidewalk & Pool Deck

Get As Creative as Possible – Imagine a Complete Backyard!

What do you traditionally think of when you imagine a backyard remodel or renovation? Is it a new swimming pool, outdoor living space or LED lighting? How would you like to spend less but get more? Our 1 Day Coatings product is an excellent addition to any backyard and provides amazing benefits to our clients!

From Pool Decks, & Patios to Cooking Areas & Sidewalks – our team is highly trained to apply our industrial floor coatings to any surface with any designs. What this means for you is a high durability, slip resistant, beautiful & rugged polyurea floor coating that looks beautiful for years to come!

In fact, you’re friends will love the designs, texture & aesthetics of your new backyard. Having friends and family compliment the beauty of your home is important to you, isn’t it?

The Strength of 1 Day Coatings Outside

1 Day Floor Coatings is superior to any epoxy or floor coating system on the market. Our product is designed to provide superior benefits & durability in outdoor environments and can stand tough against:

  • Foot Traffic
  • UV Lighting
  • Harsh Chemicals (like Chlorine)
  • Abrasions
  • Impacts

In fact, our 1 Day Coatings system provides our clients with a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty.

Custom Finishes for Unique Designs

Our product line is so easy to work with that we can create custom designs! From custom color selection to unique layouts (such as the one seen here) – we can create the exact look that you desire for your outdoor living space!

Our secrete is our Vinyl Chip System – which offers a wide array of pre-selected colors. We also have a large amount of other colors available that we can blend to create the right color combination for you. Now you can boast to others about how you’ve created your own style in your home with floors that stand tough against everyday wear and tear! Wouldn’t you want some floors that support your lifestyle while looking beautiful for years to come?

1 Day Coatings – Pool Deck: Safety & Durability

As you might’ve guessed: a pool deck is the perfect place to install our 1 Day Coatings product! Outdoor living spaces and pool decks are perfect places for family and friends to gather together. We spend hours outdoors during the Spring, Summer & Fall – enjoying each others company with various outdoor activities to keep us occupied.

Nowadays, especially, we spend more time in our backyards than we ever have in our lifetimes. What’s the reason for this change? Most homeowners are discovering that investing in your outdoor living space can:

  • Boost the comfort and enjoyment of your home
  • Provide a place of relaxation & exercise
  • Allow others to gather in your home for fun and entertainment
  • People can now make memories in their own residences
  • Improves our lifestyle and enhances our everyday lives!

It’s easy to see why a beautiful outdoor living space is the way to improving your life and enhancing your home. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to install our 1 Day Coatings product? We can enhance your outdoor lifestyle, all while boosting all of the activities that you can perform in it!

Our product line supports activity, play, grilling, swimming, walking, pets & much more! Therefore, when shopping for a floor system – doesn’t it make sense to go with the system that supports your lifestyle without fuss or effort?

Get a Instant Estimate Today!

If you’re on board with our philosophy of outdoor living and want to get an Instant Estimate for your upcoming project – give us a call or fill out our form! We’d love to take a look at your backyard (please provide images & measurements) and give you a ballpark idea of what we’re looking at!

This is a great way for you to understand the beauty of our floors and the way that they enhance your home and lifestyle! You can also see how affordable they are. After receiving our quote, you won’t even question looking elsewhere and ask when we can fit you on the schedule – contact us today!

It’s Show Seaon: First Stop, Wichita Falls Convention Center!

It’s Show Seaon: First Stop, Wichita Falls Convention Center!

Time to Get Out & Show Off – Just A Little…

The winters in Texas are long and lately seem quite cold! It’s easy and tempting to stay in and wait for the weather to break – but not 1 Day Coatings! We are hitting the road, filling up the gas tanks and kicking off Show Season.

This time of year it’s very common for convention centers to host contractor conventions. These are places for home contractors to showcase their products to prospective clients. Potential customers can visit our booth, speak with our owner first hand and ask an array of questions about our products.

Often the questions are the seasons:

  • How well does your product work?
  • Will it work in my garage?
  • What about oils and stains?
  • Where else can you apply the product?
  • What about my pool deck?

For this reason, we’d like to take a quick recap of our 1 Day Coatings and the benefits that it offers our clients!

We bring a lot of creatively and visually impressive displays to our vendor showcases! It's our opportunity to show off our product and catch the eye of passerby's. Our floors can be installed in all types of home, office or commercial applications - therefore, everyone is a potential client and we want to tell everyone how great these floors are!
We bring a lot of creatively and visually impressive displays to our vendor showcases! It’s our opportunity to show off our product and catch the eye of passerby’s. Our floors can be installed in all types of home, office or commercial applications – therefore, everyone is a potential client and we want to tell everyone how great these floors are!

Speaking About The Strength of Our Floors

Let’s start by answer “Yes & Yes.” Our industrial floor coatings provide superior strength to any floor system. Regardless of residential or commercial applications, our 1 Day Coatings system is able to stand tough. Against the test of time, our products are superior to any floor coatings on the marketplace.

We often see Epoxy floor coatings and the failures of these systems. Our teams are specially trained to remove them and apply our products in their place. What’s the secrete of our industrial floor coatings and why do they last longer?

Our flooring system was developed by Penntek Coatings – a premier industrial floor coating manufacturer. They provide a polyurea base & top coat that provides superior resistance to all types of wear and tear. This stands up the competition and withstands all types of abuse, including:

  • Four Times Stronger than Epoxy
  • Will NOT Chip or Peel
  • True 1 Day Installation Time
  • 15 Year Residential Warranty
  • 5 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

Superior Floor Coatings for all Floor Types

Wow! That’s some pretty amazing aspects of a flooring system and one that will keep you and your family safe for years to come! Our floors consist of an “orange peel like” texture that provide superior slip resistance and adhesion.

We can also customize our floors with any array of Vinyl Chip Flake Colors – so you can create the floor that reflects your business, hobbies or personality.

Our teams load up early every morning to get to the job site and install our 1 Day Coatings product! If you see our trailer rolling into your neighborhood - it means that one of your neighbors is about to have our beautiful flooring system installed!
Our teams load up early every morning to get to the job site and install our 1 Day Coatings product! If you see our trailer rolling into your neighborhood – it means that one of your neighbors is about to have our beautiful flooring system installed!

Installations in Wichita Falls, Dallas & Fort Worth

Since our company’s inception, we have received a huge surge in demand from clients all across the state of Texas. From Wichita Falls, to Dallas Fort Worth & all surrounding areas – our teams travel far and wide to install this amazing flooring system!

Therefore, if you live outside of the DFW Metroplex but still want to shop with 1 Day Coatings, no problem! Just fill out our Instant Estimator Form and let us know where you live. We will review the information and give you a call quickly upon receiving your information!

Get a Free Instant Estimate Today!

Therefore, if you would like a free estimate from 1 Day Coatings – that’s awesome! We are here to make shopping for our flooring product but easy and fun! You should just have the step of filling out our Instant Estimator Form and allowing us to do all of the hard work for you!

Sometimes we get asked “Can you really install your floors in just one days?” The answer to that question is positively, yes! Oftentimes our clients are shocked to leave for the office and return home to a stunning Vinyl Chip Flake flooring system. We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our products. John (our installation manager) is a superior leader in the field and provides outstanding customer service to our clients!

Therefore, if you are new to industrial floor coatings topic – rest assured, we will take care of you at 1 Day Floor Coatings! Our team is highly trained, excited to work with you and eager to install our premier industrial floor coatings at your home, office or commercial facility!