Get As Creative as Possible – Imagine a Complete Backyard!

What do you traditionally think of when you imagine a backyard remodel or renovation? Is it a new swimming pool, outdoor living space or LED lighting? How would you like to spend less but get more? Our 1 Day Coatings product is an excellent addition to any backyard and provides amazing benefits to our clients!

From Pool Decks, & Patios to Cooking Areas & Sidewalks – our team is highly trained to apply our industrial floor coatings to any surface with any designs. What this means for you is a high durability, slip resistant, beautiful & rugged polyurea floor coating that looks beautiful for years to come!

In fact, you’re friends will love the designs, texture & aesthetics of your new backyard. Having friends and family compliment the beauty of your home is important to you, isn’t it?

The Strength of 1 Day Coatings Outside

1 Day Floor Coatings is superior to any epoxy or floor coating system on the market. Our product is designed to provide superior benefits & durability in outdoor environments and can stand tough against:

  • Foot Traffic
  • UV Lighting
  • Harsh Chemicals (like Chlorine)
  • Abrasions
  • Impacts

In fact, our 1 Day Coatings system provides our clients with a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty.

Custom Finishes for Unique Designs

Our product line is so easy to work with that we can create custom designs! From custom color selection to unique layouts (such as the one seen here) – we can create the exact look that you desire for your outdoor living space!

Our secrete is our Vinyl Chip System – which offers a wide array of pre-selected colors. We also have a large amount of other colors available that we can blend to create the right color combination for you. Now you can boast to others about how you’ve created your own style in your home with floors that stand tough against everyday wear and tear! Wouldn’t you want some floors that support your lifestyle while looking beautiful for years to come?

1 Day Coatings – Pool Deck: Safety & Durability

As you might’ve guessed: a pool deck is the perfect place to install our 1 Day Coatings product! Outdoor living spaces and pool decks are perfect places for family and friends to gather together. We spend hours outdoors during the Spring, Summer & Fall – enjoying each others company with various outdoor activities to keep us occupied.

Nowadays, especially, we spend more time in our backyards than we ever have in our lifetimes. What’s the reason for this change? Most homeowners are discovering that investing in your outdoor living space can:

  • Boost the comfort and enjoyment of your home
  • Provide a place of relaxation & exercise
  • Allow others to gather in your home for fun and entertainment
  • People can now make memories in their own residences
  • Improves our lifestyle and enhances our everyday lives!

It’s easy to see why a beautiful outdoor living space is the way to improving your life and enhancing your home. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to install our 1 Day Coatings product? We can enhance your outdoor lifestyle, all while boosting all of the activities that you can perform in it!

Our product line supports activity, play, grilling, swimming, walking, pets & much more! Therefore, when shopping for a floor system – doesn’t it make sense to go with the system that supports your lifestyle without fuss or effort?

Get a Instant Estimate Today!

If you’re on board with our philosophy of outdoor living and want to get an Instant Estimate for your upcoming project – give us a call or fill out our form! We’d love to take a look at your backyard (please provide images & measurements) and give you a ballpark idea of what we’re looking at!

This is a great way for you to understand the beauty of our floors and the way that they enhance your home and lifestyle! You can also see how affordable they are. After receiving our quote, you won’t even question looking elsewhere and ask when we can fit you on the schedule – contact us today!