Custom Flooring Options for Our Clients

Today’s world is ever evolving and constantly seeking new and improved ways of doing life. One of the ways that we like to do life is to bring out the fun, the unique, and the story filled and memory laden details of our customers lives.

Many times our clients love working with 1 Day Coatings because we can make their floors reflect their home, family, work or passions. It sounds extreme but think of how great it would feel to wow your family and guest with a floor that showcases who you are or what you do! Making an impression for your business or home is important to you isn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what we do here everyday at 1 Day Coatings! We love taking our clients unique requests for color patterns, custom floor finishes, or even flooring stamps (like this job). At the end of the day, we are left with a stunning floor that wows the viewer and tells your story. No longer will people wonder about what your business stands for. You’re telling your story with a strong impression that leads them with trust in you and your professionalism!

Our 1 Day Coatings team is able to creating custom logos and unique designs for both residential & commercial spaces. If you have a unique design or look that you want to create -we can help you!

What All Can We Do?

Now that we’ve got you hooked, let’s take a dive deeper, shall we? For starters, our clients are always asking us for a list of all that we can do. We love this question and proudly respond with “we can install our product on practically any residential or commercial service!” Our industrial floor coatings can protect all of these surfaces, including:

In fact, we love standing up to challenges and will gladly provide any of our interested clients with a free in-home or in-office estimate. In addition, if you’d like to receive an Instant Estimate, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form. You can easily upload photos, measurements, job addresses and additional information for our estimators. We’ll have your information back to you promptly and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful space for your home or office!

Here you can see our installation that sits adjacent to some beautiful wood flooring. Our teams are detailed oriented and left this wooden floor in perfect shape!

Start to Finish Photos: Floor Remodel

Now that we’ve dug our heels in, let’s take a smooth stride down this job site and showcase the beautiful transformation that we’ve brought to life! This particular job required us to renovate only a portion of this client’s flooring system. Our client had a wooden section of the space that they wanted to retain in its original condition. This required our teams to be careful and not damage or stain these wooden floors in our installation process.

Our teams are highly detailed oriented and specialize in complex installations. We take the time to buff the concrete down to a fresh concrete surface and carefully treat delicate areas (such as this wooden floor). Secondly, we prep our surface for a successful installation and guarantee our work with a 5-year Commercial & 15-year Residential warranty!

To really see the difference that our teams can make in unique areas such as this commercial space, take a look at our slider below. You can see how we’ve taken this rough, jagged concrete surface and turned it into a emblazoned space to showcase our clients pride!

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What It Takes to Deliver Detailed Quality

Not all businesses can provide the level of detail that 1 Day Coatings can. In fact, many businesses prefer not to showcase their work and move on after the job is complete. Not 1 Day Coatings! We are very transparent with our clients and love showcasing our recent jobs on both our Blog & Facebook page!

We believe that our clients build their trust in us from seeing our crews first hand and its our way of spreading the news about our groundbreaking product line!

1 Day Coatings focuses on the details. This means that we prep your concrete surface prior to installing our products. Here you can see our technician buffering the concrete surface to expose a fresh layer of concrete – perfect for adhesion to our polyurea base coat!

Choose 1 Day Coatings Today!

If you’ve seen enough and are ready to move forward with our talented 1 Day Coatings team – just fill out our contact form! We’d love to visit your home, provide you with a free in-home or in-office estimate and help you take your first steps towards transforming your home or office space!

In addition, once you’ve scheduled your installation date, you’ll be blown away by our 1 Day installation time frame! Our crews can be in and out of your home or office while you’re away. You’ll leave in the morning to return home and find a beautiful industrial floor coating that you’ll cherish for years to come! Therefore, don’t just select any floor coatings company – choose 1 Day Coatings with your next project! You’ll be amazed at the difference and join the many clients who are becoming part of the 1 Day Coatings family!