We’re amazed at how many of our clients have experienced failures with epoxy flooring. When we originally got into this business, we knew that we’d receive calls for this type of work. But what is truly astounding is how many of our clients have this exact same problem: the problem of their epoxy floors failing.

It’s a unique situation and one that we encounter on a daily basis – from garage floors to exterior pool decks or even commercial applications such as a commercial kitchens. Since the inception of our business, we’ve been all around the state removing epoxy floors to install our 1 Day Coatings – Vinyl Chip Flake Flooring.

Our teams have the right equipment to remove tough epoxy flooring. Using a commercial grinder we can chisel away the old epoxy surface while vacuuming to minimize dust!

The Problem with Epoxy Floors

So what is exactly is the problem with epoxy floors and why do so many of our clients want them removed? Well, for starters, epoxy floors are installed on a wide array of applications: from residential homes to commercial facilities. In majority of cases, most people install epoxy floors because of their alleged durability and wide color selections.

Historically, epoxy floors gained a wide following after its introduction into the marketplace during the early 1900’s: epoxy floors have been around for decades (hence our wide customer base of unhappy epoxy clients). Complicating matters further, there are now hundreds of different DIY epoxy kits for home owners to apply themselves. If properly applied and maintained, epoxy floors can last for years. However, it’s more of a science and an art. Therefore, most failures are due to improper installation and maintenance.

Epoxy Floors Typically Fail Within 2-3 Years!

Due to their complexity, the majority of epoxy floors are installed incorrectly and fail within 2-3 years. Some of the reasons for the failure of epoxy floors include but are not limited to:

  • Peeling Floors – occur due to improper surface preparation or if epoxy is applied when temperatures are too hot or cold. The surface also needs to be etched (not smooth) when epoxy is applied.
  • Moisture Buildup – moisture can pool beneath your epoxy surface causing bubbling or de-lamination. We consider moisture as a “bond breaker” and it will always cause a failure.
  • Air Bubbles – air can form beneath the epoxy surface if mixed too quickly or if the concrete surface is porous. This causes “pop ups” or “bubbles” in your surface that will eventually crack and peel away.
  • Color Variations – epoxy is comprised of two parts: epoxy resin & polymer hardener. If not mixed long enough or the temperatures are too cold – the colors will not blend naturally and create a wide variance in color.
Here you can see a fabulous before and after image showcasing the difference that our product can make and how beautiful our floors look after its installation.

We Professionally Remove & Replace Epoxy Floors with our Vinyl Chip System

After any of the above listed failures occur, most home owners or business owners become concerned and look for a solution. The ugly side of epoxy floors is that once installed – epoxy floors are not easily removed. Additionally, most home owners do not have the proper equipment to remove epoxy surfaces themselves. Isn’t it ironic how there are hundreds of DIY epoxy kits and very little information on how to remove them after they fail?

The truth of the matter is: epoxy floors need to be mechanically removed by a specific piece of equipment. We recommend allowing 1 Day Coatings to remove your existing epoxy system with our Commercial Grinder. Our equipment is designed to remove epoxy floors on a big scale. With a heavy grinder head, commercial vacuum system (to minimize dust) and a staff fully committed to 1 Day Coatings – we can remove your epoxy floors in as a little as a day!

Additionally, our teams remove a wide array of epoxy surfaces on a weekly basis. Therefore, we know how to safely remove each type of epoxy system so we can retain and restore your concrete surface effectively.

Our Floors Last Longer & Are More Beautiful

Well, all of that certainly seems scary and not something that most home owners would opt into if they knew the reality before applying the epoxy product. We believe that most home owners originally choose epoxy floors because they want to protect a concrete surface and don’t know of any other alternative. That’s why we’re here! Our product is a perfect substitute for epoxy floors but without all of the problems!

We sincerely believe that 1 Day Coatings creates a more beautiful surface but also one that is stronger and lasts longer. For starters, we provide a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty for all of our 1 Day Coatings clients. Good luck finding that same type of protection in any other flooring system. Additionally, our floors provide a wide of array of protection benefits including:

  • Resistance to Abrasions
  • Stands tough against Drops, Spills, Stains, Oils, Dirt & Debris
  • Available in a Wide Array of Colors
  • UV Resistant
Our team is able to grind away your old surface materials and apply our 1 Day Coatings Vinyl Chip Flake system. Here you can see our technician grinding away the top layer of stain & sealant on this concrete counter top. Do you have a counter top like this that you’d like to renovate & update?

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