Curved Driveway Installation – Wichita Falls, TX

Curved Driveway Installation – Wichita Falls, TX

Whew! If you live in Texas, then you know just how hot is is outside! These two hombres have poured out some sweat over the weekend to install this beautiful polyurea chip system on a curved driveway in Wichita Falls, TX.

Prior to our arrival on this project, this concrete driveway has undergone years of structural duress. Cracks, pits and fractures spanned across a major part of this curved driveway – the owners were forced to make a decision. Did they want to replace the damaged sections of this driveway, or could they save some money by repairing & resurfacing the structure?

This question often leads our clients to collect a wide assortment of bids from local contractors in their area. They are flooded with prices, a lot of statements guaranteeing work and a ton of options for replacement material. The options can be overwhelming and often the solution is based on the affordability of the product.

In our circumstance, our client came across our Polyurea Chip System and felt it was right for them and their home! By selecting our revolutionary branded product, developed by Penntek Coatings, we were able to repair their concrete, completely resurface it and get a 15-year Residential Warranty protection; all for less than the cost of replacing their concrete surface!

All in a Good Day’s Work!

Our installers for this project were a crowd favorite: Brandon, Coe & John. John is a lead installer for our company and has been with us for several years now. Thanks to his hard work, we’ve been able to grow our business from his quality installations. Now we have the blessing of training these two rising-star installers to produce some amazing work for our clients!

As you can see from our aerial shot, this driveway had a very large surface area with landscaping on both sides. In these instances we take extra precaution to apply our products carefully and not damage surrounding areas (such as grass, landscaping or other surrounding materials).

Luckily, our products allow us to create a detailed finished from the way we install them. Using both a squeegee mop for wide surface areas and a putty knife for edging, our crews can install our products quickly and carefully. Thanks to our Polyurea Top Coat system, we can literally apply our top coat and “mend & bend” the top coat / chip undercoat to edge and finish off nicely! This is a unique aspect about our flooring solutions that you may not find with other flooring contractors.

Don’t Replace That Old Concrete – Repair It With our CR Mender!

How are we able to repair cracked concrete and install our Polyurea Chip System to create a smooth surface? We credit Penntek (our manufacturer) with some of their revolutionary products including the CR Mender and CR Patch & Coat. “Developed by Contractors for Contractors,” these products are cutting edge in their workability in the field. Some of the amazing attributes of these two products include:

  • Rapid Cure Time – CR Mender
  • Extreme Adhesion
  • Self-Leveling Properties
  • Effectiveness for Vertical Repairs
  • Repair of Even Deep Impressions
  • No Cure Time – CR Patch & Coat

Both the CR Mender and CR Patch & Coat allow our technicians our technicians to patch and repair existing concrete without comprising our renowned installation times. We focus our efforts on customer service and this often means minimizing the impact that we make on our clients during our installations. Therefore, we utilize reliable products and don’t comprise our speed and workability in the field!

Lastly, let’s talk cost savings! In almost all instances, it will always be cheaper to repair your existing concrete than to replace it. Additionally, you will receive a much better warranty from 1 Day Coatings versus replacing the concrete from a random sub-contractor. Nobody can touch our 15-year Residential Warranty and 5-year Commercial Warrantya policy that we offer all of our clients! If our product were to ever chip, cracks, tear or peel – we will be there to mend the surface and make it as good as new!

We Are a Cost Effective Solution for Resurfacing Your Home or Office

As you can see, we are a cost effective solution that provides our clients with superior protection, a beautiful surface and ground breaking customer service. Additionally, we do not use epoxy with our products, which gives our products a surprising amount of flexible – even after it has cured. In fact, our crews are often contacted to remove old epoxy flooring that has chipped and pealed. This is truly a revolutionary system that will completely change the way that you feel in your home, office or commercial environment.

If you would like to receive a free estimate for our services – we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form! This form allows you to upload images of your job site and notate the sizing of the surface area. This allows our team to provide you with a free instant estimate – saving you time and helping you take your first step towards amazing floors!

Back Patio & Side Walk Installation

Back Patio & Side Walk Installation

At 1 Day Coatings, we believe in the importance of improving the lifestyle of our clients. After all, what other reason would we have to sell a product if it didn’t enhance and improve the lives of our customers?

We are avid advocates of our Polyurea floor system. This revolutionary floor coating system provides a superior level of protection for your interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Capable of delivering an all-in-one package, our Polyurea floor coatings (developed by Penntek) offer exceptional value, including:

  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Smooth Texture with Superior Grip (due to orange peel-like texture)
  • Stands tough against grease, spills, drops, foot traffic and much more

In essence, we are selling a product that protects your outdoor living spaces and makes it easier on you to maintain them. In addition to the benefit that our Polyurea flooring provides our clients, we also back it with an industry leading 15-year Residential & 5-year Commercial warranty. Our warranty is the best around! In fact, if you have any problems with our product after installation we will treat, maintain, repair or replace any section based on manufacturer defect. What other concrete surface product can you find that offers the same level of protection?

Create a Unique Outdoor Living Space

We believe that our Polyurea floor coating is the perfect solution for your outdoor living spaces. These areas of the home are often subject to high amounts of foot traffic and accidental spills from liquids and food.

In addition, back patios and porches are gathering spaces for family and friends to enjoy time outdoors together. Isn’t it important that your floors avoid any and all types of grease stains from cooking outdoors? We certainly think so and believe that you’ll love the low maintenance aspect of our product line!

Did you know that all concrete surfaces are naturally porous? It’s true! Concrete by nature has thousands of microscopic channels or cavity left over from installation. Water, oils & grease are capable of imbedding themselves into these cavities and creating stains in your back patio. The scary part is once these agents have imbedded themselves in your concrete, the chances of removing the stain is little to none.

Polyurea – The Perfect Solution for Grease, Stains & Foot Traffic

But not with our Polyurea floor coating! Our product seals your concrete surface and allows for zero penetration to the concrete surface beneath. It also does not absorb oils, grease or water – which gives you the chance of cleaning your surface easily and with little worry! Peace of mind has a value associated with it and it often leads to relaxation and enjoyment!

Excellent for Comfort – Compared to Concrete Decks

Relating to the level of comfort that our floors provide your indoor and outdoor living spaces – just look at the makeup of our product. Our polyurea floor coating is comprised of several core ingredients to create the finished product.

Starting with the bare concrete surface, we first install our Base coat (polyurea) in a smooth even layer. This layer acts as a sealing and bonding agent for our Vinyl Chip Flakes to adhere to. Secondly, we apply our Vinyl Chip Flakes as layer #2 for our flooring systems. This layer is 100% customizable and is the way that we achieve our color and your specific design!

Lastly, we seal our flooring system with a Polyaspartic Polyurea Topcoat. This is layer #3 of our flooring system. Here we apply a clear finish that provides a top-level seal for our floors and provides exceptional protection that is backed by our superior warranty!

We Can Cover Any Concrete Surface

Do you have a concrete surface at your home or office that you would like to protect with our state-of-the-art flooring system? Luckily, if it’s a concrete surface – we can cover it! From residential back patios to Commercial Applications such as Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Locker Rooms, Veterinary offices & much more – we enhance the perfect of your operation!

The ability of our Polyurea floor system to provide benefits in the commercial landscape is second to none. Want some proof? Just check out our Recent Commercial Installations to see first hand some of the installations where we’ve installed our product.

Get a Free Estimate Today!

Lastly, if you’d like a free Instant Estimate – please feel free to fill out our Instant Estimator form. Here you can upload images of your concrete surface and provide us with some basic information such as: address, contact information and dimensions of your space. This allows us to have some insight into your project and saves time with creating a quote for your application.

Polyurea Chip System for Back Patios

Polyurea Chip System for Back Patios

There is a growing trend in our marketplace. Home owners are deciding to invest more time and money into creating an outdoor living space. People are deciding to forego the television and spend more time outdoors with family, friends and loved ones. The idea is to enjoy time outdoors and enhance your level of relaxation by escaping the hustle and bustle of life.

Like all aspects of owning a home, the more time you spend in a space – the nicer you want it to be. In terms of outdoor living spaces, we offer a premium flooring product developed by Penntek Coatings. Designed to stand up to the toughest environments, they created the Polyurea Chip System.

Polyurea is a superior product that enhances the longevity & durability of concrete surfaces. It works for most concrete surfaces and extends the performance, comfort, durability and longevity of your floors

We Protect Your Floors with Our Superior Warranty

No other flooring product on the market offers the level of protection as our superior warranty program! We offer a 15-year Residential & 5-year Commercial warranty on all of our Polyurea floor installations. Should your floors ever chip, flake, tear or peel – we’ll be there to fix it and make it right.

Even after installation, our floors remain flexible and can easily be repaired if damaged. This gives us confidence in the Penntek Coatings product line and provides our customers with peace of mind. They know that we will be there to protect their floors after their installation and stand behind this remarkable product.

Never Worry About Spills, Abrasions, Scuffs or Drops

Polyurea is the perfect product for an outdoor living space! It’s able to hold up against UV, Grease, Spills, Stains, Drops, Abrasions, Chemicals and Scuffs.

Additionally, our Polyurea Chip System provides greater traction than traditional concrete decks. Polyurea creates an Orange Peel-Like texture when applied to concrete surfaces. This boosts the level of comfort for your feet and provides a safer surface for you and your family to enjoy.

If you have an active outdoor lifestyle and like to grill, swim or play games – you need our Polyurea floors to protect both you and your home!

Customize Your Outdoor Living Space with a Wide Array of Color Choices

If you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor living space – look no further! Our Polyurea Chip System is easily customizable and provides our clients with an array of pre-selected color options. Additionally, if you want something more creative and desire to blend a custom color pattern together – no problem!

We have a wide array of Chip Flakes to choose from and can easily blend any color pattern together. This is a great option for those who want a custom feel to their outdoor living space.