At 1 Day Coatings, we believe in the importance of improving the lifestyle of our clients. After all, what other reason would we have to sell a product if it didn’t enhance and improve the lives of our customers?

We are avid advocates of our Polyurea floor system. This revolutionary floor coating system provides a superior level of protection for your interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Capable of delivering an all-in-one package, our Polyurea floor coatings (developed by Penntek) offer exceptional value, including:

  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Smooth Texture with Superior Grip (due to orange peel-like texture)
  • Stands tough against grease, spills, drops, foot traffic and much more

In essence, we are selling a product that protects your outdoor living spaces and makes it easier on you to maintain them. In addition to the benefit that our Polyurea flooring provides our clients, we also back it with an industry leading 15-year Residential & 5-year Commercial warranty. Our warranty is the best around! In fact, if you have any problems with our product after installation we will treat, maintain, repair or replace any section based on manufacturer defect. What other concrete surface product can you find that offers the same level of protection?

Create a Unique Outdoor Living Space

We believe that our Polyurea floor coating is the perfect solution for your outdoor living spaces. These areas of the home are often subject to high amounts of foot traffic and accidental spills from liquids and food.

In addition, back patios and porches are gathering spaces for family and friends to enjoy time outdoors together. Isn’t it important that your floors avoid any and all types of grease stains from cooking outdoors? We certainly think so and believe that you’ll love the low maintenance aspect of our product line!

Did you know that all concrete surfaces are naturally porous? It’s true! Concrete by nature has thousands of microscopic channels or cavity left over from installation. Water, oils & grease are capable of imbedding themselves into these cavities and creating stains in your back patio. The scary part is once these agents have imbedded themselves in your concrete, the chances of removing the stain is little to none.

Polyurea – The Perfect Solution for Grease, Stains & Foot Traffic

But not with our Polyurea floor coating! Our product seals your concrete surface and allows for zero penetration to the concrete surface beneath. It also does not absorb oils, grease or water – which gives you the chance of cleaning your surface easily and with little worry! Peace of mind has a value associated with it and it often leads to relaxation and enjoyment!

Excellent for Comfort – Compared to Concrete Decks

Relating to the level of comfort that our floors provide your indoor and outdoor living spaces – just look at the makeup of our product. Our polyurea floor coating is comprised of several core ingredients to create the finished product.

Starting with the bare concrete surface, we first install our Base coat (polyurea) in a smooth even layer. This layer acts as a sealing and bonding agent for our Vinyl Chip Flakes to adhere to. Secondly, we apply our Vinyl Chip Flakes as layer #2 for our flooring systems. This layer is 100% customizable and is the way that we achieve our color and your specific design!

Lastly, we seal our flooring system with a Polyaspartic Polyurea Topcoat. This is layer #3 of our flooring system. Here we apply a clear finish that provides a top-level seal for our floors and provides exceptional protection that is backed by our superior warranty!

We Can Cover Any Concrete Surface

Do you have a concrete surface at your home or office that you would like to protect with our state-of-the-art flooring system? Luckily, if it’s a concrete surface – we can cover it! From residential back patios to Commercial Applications such as Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Locker Rooms, Veterinary offices & much more – we enhance the perfect of your operation!

The ability of our Polyurea floor system to provide benefits in the commercial landscape is second to none. Want some proof? Just check out our Recent Commercial Installations to see first hand some of the installations where we’ve installed our product.

Get a Free Estimate Today!

Lastly, if you’d like a free Instant Estimate – please feel free to fill out our Instant Estimator form. Here you can upload images of your concrete surface and provide us with some basic information such as: address, contact information and dimensions of your space. This allows us to have some insight into your project and saves time with creating a quote for your application.