How much work have you put into your home to upgrade your living spaces? Have you recently installed some wood flooring, modern cabinets, a theater room or a swimming pool? Home ownership is a blessing that we should all cherish. However, there comes a point in all of our ownership experiences when we want to change some things out.

Maybe it’s a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. With all of the possible choices for home investment, have you thought about your outdoor living space? Before we lose you and you click to some other site – let’s first talk about it! How often are you currently outside? Now, pretend you could upgrade your back patio or backyard and max out the upgrades – how much time would you spend outside? 

If the answer changed from “not much” to “a lot more” then we need to talk! Many of our clients spend most of their time indoors. The reason being – they don’t have a back patio or outdoor living space worth spending time in. Let’s face it, most homes are built with builder grade concrete patios and no outdoor accessories. Often these spaces are uncomfortable, hot and not much fun to spend time in.

Save Money & Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space! 

But with 1 Day Coatings – all of that can change! Let’s face it, most of our outdoor living spaces have to have some kind of flooring. Whether it be a concrete surface, brick or travertine pavers or something else entirely – you have to have something to walk on. *To categorize ourselves, it’s important to point out here that our products can only be applied to concrete surfaces.

If you plan on renovating your outdoor living space, then one of the items sure to be on your shopping list is resurfacing the concrete deck. And yes, this can be a costly upgrade – especially if you elect to install stamped and stained concrete or a natural stone paver surface. However, by electing to upgrade your floors to our Polyurea Floor Coatings – you can save money, time and wind up with a higher quality surface that is backed by our Residential or Commercial Warranty! Not only do we install fabulous products but we protect that investment for 10-years on all Residential installations and 5-years for Commercial installations.

Now, let’s talk about cost! Many home owners begin to get a little fidgety when discussing price, but what if we told you that our products could help save you money? That may seem a bit confusing, but that type of thinking is generally related to some bad experience you’ve had with another home contractor.

At 1 Day Coatings we want you to rest assured that we are built on honest, old fashioned values and we deliver exceptional value with all of our products! Just give us a shot and fill out our Instant Estimator form today!

How much is this going to cost me? 

Believe it or not, our Polyurea Surfaces will cost you less than you originally thought! We can even install your upgraded concrete floor coating in a faster time frame than you originally envisioned! How is this possible? 

1 Day Coatings is the premier concrete floor coating company in the greater North Central Texas area! We can take any concrete surface and remove defects such as work Epoxy Floor Coatings and perform fixes such as crack repairs and give you something entirely new! 

Why do people love our product so much? Well, for starters it’s hard to imagine that the beautiful surface we leave behind is still your original concrete surface – just covered and protected by our Polyurea floor coating! We completely transform the look and feel and can even customize the color

Our surface provides you with an Orange-peel like texture and enhances your lifestyle with its Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial propertiesWith so much protection and enhanced performance, what else could you possible want for your concrete surface?

Check Out This Back Patio Restoration!

As you can see from these images, our team just completed another Back Patio Restoration at a residential home. This was another Brandon & Coe masterpiece and by this point, we’re developing a large portfolio of their finished work!

This back porch is a smaller size that required some crack repairs prior to installing our Polyurea Floor Coating. To complete the repairs, our crews utilized the CR Mender, developed by Penntek Coatings. This product is excellent at concrete adhesion and helps to fill the crack and provide a hard, durable surface for our Polyurea Base coat to adhere to.

Upon completion of our CR Mender application, we applied our Polyurea Base coat and generously distributed our Vinyl Chip Flakes to create our stunning color. In fact, it looks like Brandon & Coe got a little creative with their dispersion techniques. Did somebody ask for the Vinyl Chip Flake fairy?

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We give you plenty of space to provide us with your job site details including your contact information and notes. Additionally, your able to upload single images or a file of images to help our estimators provide you with the best estimate up front. Therefore, since we’ve made the process so easy, what are you waiting on?

We promise we won’t be pushy, but we do think you deserve to empower yourself with the information to make the right decision for your home or office. After all, getting additional information is the first step towards creating a fresh look for your concrete surface! Let’s get started today!