Getting Started

Our Mission

Our products are designed to be minimally invasive and quick to install. Each of our flooring products takes only one day to prep and install so we can be in and out of your home quickly and with little interruption.

To say that we are perfectionists is an understatement. We designed our application materials to be rugid, beautiful, customizable and perfectly suited for you and your active lifestyle. We believe that your home is the hub for your family and should support your busy lifestyle.

From outdoor living activities, such as swimming, grilling, painting & mowing to vehicle maintenance – our unique flooring products can handle it all. Resistant to grease, oils, chemicals, scuffs and abrasions – our floors will hold up against anything life has to through at it. We even back up our Residential Floors with a 15-year residential warranty!

Our Mission (by being the toughest and the best) is to do one thing: we want you to enjoy your life, worry less about your home and know that you are protected. We challenge any protective flooring products to outpace our quality and we know for a fact that you will see the difference and be blown away by our expert service!

Exterior Solutions

From sidewalks, driveways, patios to pool decks – our exterior coatings can fit any of your project needs.

Interior / Garage Flooring

We can encompass all areas inside of your home, including: garages, laundry rooms, offices and any space you need protected!

Commercial FAcilities

If you own or manage a commercial facility that needs improved floors for your business needs, we’ve got you covered – literally!

Our History

A New Niche

Everyone could benefit from a safer, more resilient flooring solution. Contact Us for a Free-Estimate and make your home safer today!

Nathan Moore began the company at a young age of 27. He built this company from the ground up with only $123 in his pocket and the determination to build a future for his family. Studying the marketplace for a niche to settle in, he discovered a wide void for home protective interior and exterior products. He wanted to bring a new product to the market place that was designed to protect, insure and boost the family lifestyle.

Nathan is a family man and and active spirit. He enjoys the outdoors and wanted to present a product and a company that supported his active lifestyle and and deliver value to his customers.

Since then, our company has expanded into other industries but we hold tightly to our 1 Day Coatings as an application that anyone can benefit from. We believe strongly in our one-day installation techniques and are proud to be a certified Penntek Dealer.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Designed to Last

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