Renovating a Swimming Pool Deck

Renovating a Swimming Pool Deck

We enjoy challenges and this job site was certainly a challenge! This customer contacted us to apply our Polyurea Concrete Coatings on specific areas of their pool deck. They wanted to use our products to create an “edge” to their swimming pool and to provide comfort / durability to their outdoor living space.

Staying true to their reputation – Brandon and Coe did a fantastic job with this detailed installation! They spent the time necessary measuring exact distances around this swimming pool, prepping the job site, installing the product and insuring the job site stayed clean throughout the whole process.

Now our client is left with a stunning pool deck that looks beautiful and is much tougher than the stained concrete that preceded it!

This fiberglass swimming pool has a cantilever concrete deck. That means that the deck is 100% concrete – this allowed us to installed our Polyurea Floor Coating around the edge to create a custom coping look!

Fiberglass Swimming Pool with Cantilever Concrete Coping

For those who have a detailed eye for swimming pools, this particular swimming pool is a fiberglass pool with a cantilever deck. Fiberglass pools are single body pools constructed out of fiberglass and installed by excavating and setting the swimming pool – in one fell swoop. Often times fiberglass pool builders will install a concrete pool deck all the way around their swimming pools.

Being in the concrete renovation business, this is the perfect material for us to apply our Polyurea Concrete Floor Coating on! Our Vinyl Chip System (developed by Penntek Coatings) requires a concrete base for installation. That’s because our Polyurea Base coat adheres only to concrete surfaces. That being said, we needed to prep this job site for our products to properly adhere to the surface and ensure a proper installation.

Because this pool deck is a concrete cantilever, we had one single surface to work with. Our client had a specific request for our installation method on this job site. They requested for Brandon and Coe to create a “Coping” finish around the swimming pool. In essence, they wanted a nearly 2′ radius of our product installed all the way around their swimming pool. In order to achieve this, Brandon and Coe needed to accurately measure their chalk lines around the edge of the swimming pool and spend time focusing on the details.

Prepping The Job Site for our Installation

In order for Brandon and Coe to make this installation look neat and tidy, they needed to do the proper amount of prep work. Since this was a swimming pool deck, keeping the water clean and clear is essential. To achieve this, Brandon and Coe installed a polymil liner over the surface of the water and adhered the polymil material to the edge of the swimming pool with painters tape.

Additionally, they collected measurements in equal increments around the pool edge. This insured that our diligent crew created a pool coping that run parallel to the pool with equal distance on all sides.

Here you can see Brandon and Coe double checking their chalk lines before commencing with the installation of our Polyurea floor system. We love the detail of their work and know that our clients appreciate their attention to detail as well!

Measure Twice – Apply Once: Keeping Our Eyes on the Details

1 Day Coatings is all about the details. In fact, our crews have installed some pretty amazing Polyurea floor systems! From Commercial Kitchens, to Prisons, Hospitals, Machine Shops, Sports Car Garages, Back Patios & Sidewalks, Driveways, Pool Decks and much more – we focus on installing our products to your design tastes.

Our teams work in groups of 2 or 3 so that we can properly prep, install and clean up our job sites. This delivers the highest level of customer service, speed and accuracy so that our clients are left with a beautiful Polyurea floor system in a short amount of time!

In other words, we install our Polyurea Vinyl Chip System so that our floors can enhance your lifestyle and beauty of your home or work space. Our crews are detail oriented and we pride ourselves on our edge work, stamped floors and custom colors!

We created a custom finish to this concrete deck with a coping edge & by surfacing their outdoor living space. Our products create a smooth texture that is comfortable, safe and tough! Now client now loves their outdoor living space!

Cantilever Coping & The Outdoor Living Space

Alas, Brandon and Coe blew us away again and did a fantastic job on their finished product at this job site! Their detailed work on the pool edge created a fantastic design that leads the viewer to believe the coping is made of some other material than concrete. By installing our product along this pool edge, it creates a stunning design and enhances the safety and durability of this swimming pool deck.

Our Polyurea Conrete Coatings are able to hold up tough against all types of abuse, including:

  • Pool Chemicals
  • Foot Traffic
  • UV Light
  • Abrasions and Impact

Did we also mention that our surface is 100% Anti-microbial and 100% Anti-bacterial? Additionally, when wet Polyurea floor coatings provide a higher coefficient of friction than wet concrete. This means that our Polyurea material won’t be as slippery as concrete and creates a safer environment for you and your loved ones to walk one. That’s a huge benefit to our client who now has their surface closest to the water covered with our superior Polyurea floor coating!

Essentially, our Polyurea surfaces are tough, beautiful and provide a much safer environment than standard concrete.

Selecting a Custom Color

Additionally, our client selected a Custom Color: Smoke with 10% Primary Blue. Creating custom colors like this is part of what we do at 1 Day Coatings. We have a wide array of Vinyl Chip Flakes to choose from and being our client means that you can mix and match your colors to create a pattern that you love.

Whether it be your favorite color, business logo, school colors or favorite sports team – we can create a color that is 100% custom and matches your pride or hobby!

Getting started with us is easy! By completing our Contact Form, we can provide you with a quick Instant Estimate for your job site. Just upload some images of your home or work space along with some basic measurements. This gives us a chance to “visit” your job site before setting foot on property. You’ll be amazed at our speed and dependability!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today with a free instant estimate for your home or office!

Resurfacing a Free Form Pool Deck!

Resurfacing a Free Form Pool Deck!

If you’re a home owner, you’ve likely been been in this scenario. You have a beautifully decorated space: one that you’ve decorated, invested time and money into. Yet, despite your efforts – you still have that one area that drives you nuts. Maybe it’s a wall that needs to be removed, some cracks in the floors, or an ugly concrete surface.

Many of our clients are home owners who take pride in their spaces. They want their house to be a “home” and desire each space to be beautiful, functional and relaxing. So why would your concrete surface be any different? After all, the flooring (whether it be indoor or outdoor) contains the largest surface area of your home. It’s also the area that your guests walk upon and see more than any room or outdoor space.

Knowing that our floor surfaces are the most visible and certainly the most used area of the home – wouldn’t you want it to look beautiful and be protected for a long time? We certainly think so and that’s why we passionately inform our clients that we have a product they’ll love!

A Company Based on Kingdom Concepts

1 Day Coatings first started with a dream of helping our clients resurface old areas of their home. We believe that making old things new is a biblical, Kingdom concept. After all, didn’t Jesus make all of us new when he washed our sins away so we could connect with the Father?

In the same way, we can resurface old concrete surfaces to make them stronger and more beautiful than they originally were! Whether you’ve got an indoor living space or an outdoor entertainment area – our product is strong enough to withstand:

  • Abrasions
  • Impacts
  • Heavy Foot Traffic
  • UV Rays (resistant to fading)
  • Chemicals

Reasons to Resurface a Pool Deck

If you own an outdoor living space such as a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen or sitting area – you’re familiar with dirt, dust and debris. These areas of our homes provide excellent spaces for entertainment, but they also take a lot of abuse from its exterior environment and human interaction.

From swimming pool chemicals to grilling grease, drink spills, impact from toys, the playing of animals and moving furniture – our outdoor spaces take a lot of abuse! Long story short, it’s often the busyness of life that wears down our outdoor spaces – requiring a resurface to restore it’s original beauty.

The Different Types of Pool Decks: How We Compare

Since our inception, we’ve seen all types of exterior concrete surfaces. From epoxy coatings, pebble deck, salt rock finish, broom finish, kool deck and much more – these surfaces are good for the short term but don’t compare to our premium finish! What’s the key difference? Well, for starters our product consists of polyurea – a material that is much stronger and way more flexible!

In addition, our floors provide greater slip resistance due to their “orange peel-like” texture. This is a huge benefit for owners of swimming pools due to the added safety for users of all ages!

In addition, our polyurea floor coatings are highly customizable. We provide a common list of pre-assorted colors on our website, but there are literally thousands of color combinations you can create. This is a fun and attraction benefit of our product! If you have a college, high school, church, business or any space that you want to represent your sports team or organization – we can bring that space to life!

We’re Great with Detailed Projects!

As you can see from the images of this project – when resurfacing concrete pool decks there is a lot of details to consider. From the pool coping, to changes in elevation, steps and crack repairs – we have a lot of concrete to patch up and treat. It’s projects like this that we love because they showcase the skill set of our team!

1 Day Coatings prides itself on restoring all types of concrete surfaces regardless of the age or current condition. In fact, it’s often the ugliest spaces or most complex layouts that provide the most stunning results!

Here you can see how our teams totally transformed this outdoor living space! The free form layout of this pool deck combined with the details of the pool coping made it a project worthy of showcasing.

Contact Us for a Free Quote Today!

Do you have an area of your home that needs some love and attention? Are you tired of looking at those concrete cracks, oil stains or chipped surfaces? Believe us, we see concrete in all different states when we first arrive on the job site. But trust us, when we are done with your surface – you won’t even recognize the new floor before your eyes!

Our team loves transforming and renewing indoor and outdoor spaces! If you’d like a free estimate, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator! We’d love to meet you and help you create something new and beautiful for your home or business (or both)!

Outdoor Patio & Counter Top Renovations

Outdoor Patio & Counter Top Renovations

Our talented team of 1 Day Coatings experts is eager and ready to convert any outdated kitchen space to a stunning masterpiece. We can convert any worn out counter top, floor, patio ,side walk, driveway or garage into a newly renovated & beautifully finished surface.

Restoring Life to Your Outdoor Living Space

Do you enjoy entering groups of people in your own backyard? There is a huge trend in America towards creating exceptional outdoor living spaces. Rather than investing inside the home, people prefer to use their hard earned dollars to create comfortable:

Among the most popular of these choices is the rise of outdoor kitchens. Since the turn of the new millennium, there have been some brilliant advances in the quality, construction & materials available to create outdoor cooking areas. Direct cooking has now evolved into indirect, convection, infrared, charcoal, gas, wood pellets, smoking & much more. In fact, there are so many different ways to cook meats that you’re immediately flooded with options the moment you decide to take on the project!

But what about your outdoor surfaces: such as flooring & counter tops? Have you put any thought into the types of materials you want your family to spend their hours, days & weeks walking on and using while outside? Is it important to you that your floors are safe, slip resistant, UV & fade resistant, withstands abrasions, impacts & spills?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, it’s time for you to take a look at our 1 Day Coatings product line. Our team of experts is able to help you create the perfect outdoor living space with our quality Vinyl Chip Flake system. From new construction to resurfacing concrete floors & counter tops, our product is the top of the line and provides you with all of the safety measures listed above.

Our team is able to grind away your old surface materials and apply our 1 Day Coatings Vinyl Chip Flake system. Here you can see our technician grinding away the top layer of stain & sealant on this concrete counter top. Do you have a counter top like this that you’d like to renovate & update?

Remove The Old Epoxy & Applying 1 Day Coatings

Take this outdoor remodel for example. This client contracted 1 Day Coatings to restore their outdoor living space. By removing their old surface materials, i.e.: Basic concrete deck / patio (located near the above ground space) & Stained & sealed concrete counter tops – we were able to create a stunning outdoor living space!

Instead of leaving these materials the same, they decided that our Vinyl Chip Flake system was exactly what they were looking for. Our dedicated team of experts was able to install our product in just one day.

Our process is simple yet involved. It required us to grind away the existing to layer of stained & sealed concrete (of the counter tops) and to apply our 1 Day Coatings product.

Alas, after a day’s hard work – you can see how beautiful this neutral color pattern fits right into this outdoor living space. We’ve given this home a fresh look and our client now has a safe & durable surface to cook meals for family and friends!

Custom Color – Slip, Slip & Abrasion Resistant

This client opted in for a custom color arrangement (which closely resembled the Mediterranean color – seen on our Color Options page). With a natural blend of grey, tan, brown & cream – this custom color is soothing & very neutral. In fact, many of our clients often choose neutral color patterns for their floors & counter tops due to the freedom it allows for the rest of our their outdoor decor.

By sticking with a neutral color pattern – it’s easy to them incorporate many other neutral materials & products. From outdoor furniture, to rugs, accessories such as clocks, lamps, tables & more – sticking with neutrals helps the entire space blend together in a professional looking manner.

Lastly, it’s important to reiterate that our floors provide a superbly high level safety & longevity. Our floors & counter tops provide slip resistant materials (which improves the safety from rain, pool water or sprinklers) to our durable abrasions resistant material. 1 Day Coatings keeps your family safe for hours of outdoor fun & entertainment.

Let’s Create Your Next Backyard Masterpiece

Do you have a outdoor project that you’ve dreamed of for years and need the right contractors to help achieve it? If so, we’d love to partner with you and provide you with additional information about our products and services. Our team of experts can provide you with a free instant estimate and answer any question you have about our products.

We have been transforming backyards left and right all while receiving stellar reviews from our clients. In addition, if you’d like to see first hand our recent projects – we invite you to check out our Blog page as well as our Facebook page. We regularly post our projects so that our clients can see our many start to finish photos. Let us know what we can do for you!

Custom Blue Slate Stone Color – Fort Worth TX

Custom Blue Slate Stone Color – Fort Worth TX

It’s All About Designing Your Life & Style

HGTV, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It – all of these TV shows have us wrapped up and begging for more. We all wish that we could have the ability to flip our living spaces to match our life & style. Oh what a dream to call up Joanna Gaines and design your house from top to bottom. To literally come into your space and transform it into something unrecognizable…

So what is the secret sauce that all of these industry leading professionals have in common? For starters, a “can do attitude” and optimistic mindset. Beyond that, they all understand the importance of making the new living space represent their clients. If your client can feel at home in their new space and love the design and feel, then you’ve accomplished the mission. They need to believe that this new space is truly theirs and that it compliments both their life and style.

1 Day Coatings – Supporting Your Life & Style

Well, we do exactly the same thing here at 1 Day Coatings. We design your interior or exterior living spaces to match both your life and style on a daily basis. Life requires a floor that is tough for all that life has to throw at it. Spills, stains, abrasions, oils, drops, tears and scrapes – life is busy and hectic (especially once you throw kids into the mix). You need to have an industrial grade flooring option to support your active lifestyle – especially for outdoor spaces that are commonly used by all the family!

In addition, you want your industrial floors to match the style of your home and family. They need to speak to the life that you do there as well as bring out the inner designer from your soul. Our floors are beautiful, rugged, tough and retain their beauty for years to come. This means that once you’ve contracted 1 Day Coatings – we can flip your space to bring out only the best in it. You’ll be awed by the transformation and proud to own a floor that supports your life and retains its beauty despite what your life has to throw at it!

Custom Color Options: Blue Slate Stone

Here we’re showcasing a custom floor color that we designed and installed in a Fort Worth home. This garage had a nice spacious setting with broom finished concrete floors. Broom finished concrete floors are a common surface that we encounter. Home builders “upgrade” your home to them as an added benefit but they really don’t add any value to your home. Exposed concrete is susceptible to life and often cracks, stains, wear down, and look older with time.

Our team flipped this living space in just one day to bring out a beautiful & custom slate stone blue flooring system. This color option is part of our custom series (an option that we provide all of our customers). If you’re new to following 1 Day Coatings, this is a great time for you to browse our standard Color Options. It’s also a great opportunity to disclose – our colors are comprised of 100% Vinyl Chip Flakes. That means it’s also 100% customizable. Simply let us know what color of flakes you’d like to choose (we give you the complete lineup) and voila – your new industrial floors represent you and your lifestyle!

This is a great added value that our clients love. No longer do you have to go with colors that a flooring company tells you. No sir! Instead, you have the complete power to be you and represent your home, life, business, collegiate team or whatever makes you happy!

Repairing The Cracks & Crude Broom Finish

Aside from giving you 100% control over the color of your floors, we also repair the existing concrete surface before every installation. This is a crucial step that we don’t skip over. We take the time to expose a fresh concrete surface by using our commercial floor grinder to expose fresh aggregate.

We also clean out any material that might prevent a complete bond to our polyurea basecoat. This means removing all forms of elastic joint sealants, repairing cracks, filling joints and sanding down our surface. Our objective here is to develop a clean and essentially “sterilized” substrate for our products to adhere to. This is a classic misstep that inexperienced companies pass over and it leads to their downfall.

Our crews take the time to prepare your surface adequately (most important step) and then apply our renowned 1 Day Coatings products. Amazingly, we can do this entire process in just one day! How? We are factory trained & certified and backed by a superior residential & commercial warranty program. All this means that we have the skills and specialties to accomplish exactly what we say we’re gonna do in the time frame we say we’re gonna do it! We’re the flooring contractors that you can trust!

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Go With 1 Day Coatings – 1 Day Installation!

If you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for and you’d like to move forward with obtaining a quote – send us a message today! Our website allows you to send us an Instant Estimator form with all of the information that we need to provide an instant quote.

Simply fill out the form and provide your contact information, address, images of the job site and basic measurements. With this information, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your indoor or outdoor living space! We’ll also be on our way to complete our installation in just one day!

Partial Floor Remodel – Stamped Floor & Detailed Finish

Partial Floor Remodel – Stamped Floor & Detailed Finish

Custom Flooring Options for Our Clients

Today’s world is ever evolving and constantly seeking new and improved ways of doing life. One of the ways that we like to do life is to bring out the fun, the unique, and the story filled and memory laden details of our customers lives.

Many times our clients love working with 1 Day Coatings because we can make their floors reflect their home, family, work or passions. It sounds extreme but think of how great it would feel to wow your family and guest with a floor that showcases who you are or what you do! Making an impression for your business or home is important to you isn’t it?

Well, that is exactly what we do here everyday at 1 Day Coatings! We love taking our clients unique requests for color patterns, custom floor finishes, or even flooring stamps (like this job). At the end of the day, we are left with a stunning floor that wows the viewer and tells your story. No longer will people wonder about what your business stands for. You’re telling your story with a strong impression that leads them with trust in you and your professionalism!

Our 1 Day Coatings team is able to creating custom logos and unique designs for both residential & commercial spaces. If you have a unique design or look that you want to create -we can help you!

What All Can We Do?

Now that we’ve got you hooked, let’s take a dive deeper, shall we? For starters, our clients are always asking us for a list of all that we can do. We love this question and proudly respond with “we can install our product on practically any residential or commercial service!” Our industrial floor coatings can protect all of these surfaces, including:

In fact, we love standing up to challenges and will gladly provide any of our interested clients with a free in-home or in-office estimate. In addition, if you’d like to receive an Instant Estimate, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form. You can easily upload photos, measurements, job addresses and additional information for our estimators. We’ll have your information back to you promptly and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful space for your home or office!

Here you can see our installation that sits adjacent to some beautiful wood flooring. Our teams are detailed oriented and left this wooden floor in perfect shape!

Start to Finish Photos: Floor Remodel

Now that we’ve dug our heels in, let’s take a smooth stride down this job site and showcase the beautiful transformation that we’ve brought to life! This particular job required us to renovate only a portion of this client’s flooring system. Our client had a wooden section of the space that they wanted to retain in its original condition. This required our teams to be careful and not damage or stain these wooden floors in our installation process.

Our teams are highly detailed oriented and specialize in complex installations. We take the time to buff the concrete down to a fresh concrete surface and carefully treat delicate areas (such as this wooden floor). Secondly, we prep our surface for a successful installation and guarantee our work with a 5-year Commercial & 15-year Residential warranty!

To really see the difference that our teams can make in unique areas such as this commercial space, take a look at our slider below. You can see how we’ve taken this rough, jagged concrete surface and turned it into a emblazoned space to showcase our clients pride!

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What It Takes to Deliver Detailed Quality

Not all businesses can provide the level of detail that 1 Day Coatings can. In fact, many businesses prefer not to showcase their work and move on after the job is complete. Not 1 Day Coatings! We are very transparent with our clients and love showcasing our recent jobs on both our Blog & Facebook page!

We believe that our clients build their trust in us from seeing our crews first hand and its our way of spreading the news about our groundbreaking product line!

1 Day Coatings focuses on the details. This means that we prep your concrete surface prior to installing our products. Here you can see our technician buffering the concrete surface to expose a fresh layer of concrete – perfect for adhesion to our polyurea base coat!

Choose 1 Day Coatings Today!

If you’ve seen enough and are ready to move forward with our talented 1 Day Coatings team – just fill out our contact form! We’d love to visit your home, provide you with a free in-home or in-office estimate and help you take your first steps towards transforming your home or office space!

In addition, once you’ve scheduled your installation date, you’ll be blown away by our 1 Day installation time frame! Our crews can be in and out of your home or office while you’re away. You’ll leave in the morning to return home and find a beautiful industrial floor coating that you’ll cherish for years to come! Therefore, don’t just select any floor coatings company – choose 1 Day Coatings with your next project! You’ll be amazed at the difference and join the many clients who are becoming part of the 1 Day Coatings family!

Complete Backyard – Outdoor Patio, Sidewalk & Pool Deck

Complete Backyard – Outdoor Patio, Sidewalk & Pool Deck

Get As Creative as Possible – Imagine a Complete Backyard!

What do you traditionally think of when you imagine a backyard remodel or renovation? Is it a new swimming pool, outdoor living space or LED lighting? How would you like to spend less but get more? Our 1 Day Coatings product is an excellent addition to any backyard and provides amazing benefits to our clients!

From Pool Decks, & Patios to Cooking Areas & Sidewalks – our team is highly trained to apply our industrial floor coatings to any surface with any designs. What this means for you is a high durability, slip resistant, beautiful & rugged polyurea floor coating that looks beautiful for years to come!

In fact, you’re friends will love the designs, texture & aesthetics of your new backyard. Having friends and family compliment the beauty of your home is important to you, isn’t it?

The Strength of 1 Day Coatings Outside

1 Day Floor Coatings is superior to any epoxy or floor coating system on the market. Our product is designed to provide superior benefits & durability in outdoor environments and can stand tough against:

  • Foot Traffic
  • UV Lighting
  • Harsh Chemicals (like Chlorine)
  • Abrasions
  • Impacts

In fact, our 1 Day Coatings system provides our clients with a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty.

Custom Finishes for Unique Designs

Our product line is so easy to work with that we can create custom designs! From custom color selection to unique layouts (such as the one seen here) – we can create the exact look that you desire for your outdoor living space!

Our secrete is our Vinyl Chip System – which offers a wide array of pre-selected colors. We also have a large amount of other colors available that we can blend to create the right color combination for you. Now you can boast to others about how you’ve created your own style in your home with floors that stand tough against everyday wear and tear! Wouldn’t you want some floors that support your lifestyle while looking beautiful for years to come?

1 Day Coatings – Pool Deck: Safety & Durability

As you might’ve guessed: a pool deck is the perfect place to install our 1 Day Coatings product! Outdoor living spaces and pool decks are perfect places for family and friends to gather together. We spend hours outdoors during the Spring, Summer & Fall – enjoying each others company with various outdoor activities to keep us occupied.

Nowadays, especially, we spend more time in our backyards than we ever have in our lifetimes. What’s the reason for this change? Most homeowners are discovering that investing in your outdoor living space can:

  • Boost the comfort and enjoyment of your home
  • Provide a place of relaxation & exercise
  • Allow others to gather in your home for fun and entertainment
  • People can now make memories in their own residences
  • Improves our lifestyle and enhances our everyday lives!

It’s easy to see why a beautiful outdoor living space is the way to improving your life and enhancing your home. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense to install our 1 Day Coatings product? We can enhance your outdoor lifestyle, all while boosting all of the activities that you can perform in it!

Our product line supports activity, play, grilling, swimming, walking, pets & much more! Therefore, when shopping for a floor system – doesn’t it make sense to go with the system that supports your lifestyle without fuss or effort?

Get a Instant Estimate Today!

If you’re on board with our philosophy of outdoor living and want to get an Instant Estimate for your upcoming project – give us a call or fill out our form! We’d love to take a look at your backyard (please provide images & measurements) and give you a ballpark idea of what we’re looking at!

This is a great way for you to understand the beauty of our floors and the way that they enhance your home and lifestyle! You can also see how affordable they are. After receiving our quote, you won’t even question looking elsewhere and ask when we can fit you on the schedule – contact us today!