Beautiful Cars on a Newly Installed Garage Floor

Beautiful Cars on a Newly Installed Garage Floor

New Garage Floor Coatings for Residential Garage

If you’ve been following us for some time, then you know that our 1 Day Coatings product line is very diverse. We can install it on practically any surface! From utility rooms, warehouses, machine shops, commercial kitchens down to residential garages. Our durable polyurea / polyaspartic coating holds up tough against any alternative on the market.

In fact, we often receive new clients who call us out to remove old DIY (do-it-yourself) Epoxy Coatings from their garage floors. Oftentimes these systems fail due to poor adhesion to your garage floor surface. In addition, they do not hold up well to long term wear and tear – causing flaking & chipping.

Our industrial floor coatings offer an amazing 15-year Residential & 5-year Commercial Warranty. You won’t find a floor coating that provides as much protection, durability, beauty & comfort as 1 Day Coatings!

100% Customizable Color Options

We refer to our floor coatings as a Vinyl Chip System. What we mean by this terminology is that our floors have a wide array of vinyl color chips that we add to the top layer before sealing.

When you sign up as our client you have complete control over what color of chip flakes you choose from. It’s an amazing aspect our of product line that our clients love! From football colors to collegiate or colors to match your business – you’ve got a floor system that you can customize for appeal and professionalism!

Lastly, once you’ve chosen the color you want for your industrial floor coating – we seal the floor with our Polyaspartic Polyurea top coat. This is the clear coat that gives our floors that renowned “Orange Peel-Like Texture.” It’s also the substance that leaves them with a beautiful shine and protects them for years to come! To see the application of the Polyaspartic Polyurea material – view the installation video below!

This video was provided by Penntek Coatings – the manufacturer of our industrial floor coatings product line.

Home to Some Beautiful Sports Cars

1 Day Coatings recently completed a new garage floor renovation for a residential garage located in Haslet, TX. This client is the proud owner of some stunning sports cars. Needless to say, with such an amazing collection of vehicles – it only makes sense to purchase a floor system that looks as beautiful as they do!

The Sandstone Color

Our client chose the Sandstone Color for their residential garage. This color provides a beautiful blend of brown, tan, black and white. It’s also a very neutral color that is both classic and timeless. These floors are going to provide the perfect backdrop for some expensive sports cars!

The Perfect Floor for Expensive Toys

In addition to looking beautiful, this gorgeous Sandstone industrial floor will provide the perfect protective coating for years to come.

Owning cars can be taxing and requires regular maintenance to keep them running healthy & strong. Our floors are up to the task of car maintenance and protect your man-cave from oil spills as well as drops / abrasions.

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If you see yourself investing in a protective floor coating for your indoor or outdoor living space – give us a call! We often hear from clients who want to use our industrial floor coatings to protect all sorts of concrete surfaces, including:

  • Patio & Pool Decks
  • Garage Floors
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Utility Rooms
  • Office Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Showroom Floors

The list is nearly limitless on all of the surfaces that we can protect and looking beautiful!

Therefore, if you’d like to receive some additional information and take your first step – just fill out our Instant Estimator Form! We invite you to fill out the form and attach several images and dimensions for your protect. This provides our team with helpful information to get started. You’ll be well on your way to some new & beautiful floors for your home and office environment!