Outdoor Patio Installation – Graham, TX

Outdoor Patio Installation – Graham, TX

We love big projects! It’s the time for us to show off our work and showcase what we can do as a company! For many of our clients, this is their first time investigating our product line and often times they have a lot of questions. What types of surfaces can your product be installed on? How easy is it to install? How long does it last? How protective is this floor coating? How much does it cost?

At first glance, we understand their questions. Our polyurea floor system is a unique product that very little companies offer. For most of our clients, they have never heard of polyurea floor products and they don’t know all of the benefits that they offer. From its wide protective characteristics to its longevity and wide color variations – our floor coatings can do practically anything we ask them to do. From commercial kitchens, to warehouse & factory settings to school cafeterias or even back patio installations – our polyurea floor system is designed to handle high stress environments down to simple daily living.

So to answer our clients questions simply: our polyurea floor system is designed to protect concrete surfaces with a 15-year residential / 5-year commercial warranty. Yes, we do stand behind our warranties and we offer a wide array of standard or customizable colors to choose from. Additionally, for most residential applications, our products can be installed in as little as one day. This is truly a revolutionary product line with a wide array of applications. Our clients love what we offer them and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have while browsing our website!

What Are The Steps in our Application Process?

To truly understand our products, it helps a little to understand how they are installed. Our crews did an amazing job capturing the installation of this job site from start to finish to showcase all of the detailed steps of our process.

As you can see from our images, our crews initially start with a “blank slate.” Our products can only be installed on concrete surfaces but first we have to prepare our concrete surfaces for the installation. The image below showcases our technician grinding our concrete surface to make deep cuts along the hairline cracks of the substrate. Our purpose for grinding deeper into the cracks is to repair the concrete surface with our CR Mender product.

Upon installation of our CR Mender, we can begin grinding our concrete surface within 10 minutes of application. Additionally, our CR Mender is self-leveling and provides extreme adhesion for our Polyurea Basecoat. This should be considered as Step #1 of our application process and from here we complete Step #2: Grinding our Concrete Surface.

Step #2 & Step #3: Grinding our Concrete Surface & Polyurea Basecoat

After we treat and repair all hairline cracks within our substrate, we move onto Step #2: Grinding our Concrete Surface. Our products work much like a strong glue to concrete. However, concrete becomes dusty, oil ridden and acts as a poor adhesive surface from years of exposure to the elements. In order for us to prepare our surface for adhesion to our Polyurea Basecoat, we mechanically grind our surface to remove the to layer of concrete.

After we’ve removed the top layer we can then roll on Step #3: our Polyurea Basecoat. This product is rolled directly onto our concrete substrate and acts as the “glue” between our substrate & vinyl chip flakes. Once applied, this product cures in just a few short hour so we have limited time to apply our Vinyl Chip Flakes before the workability of the product diminishes.

Step #4 & Step #5: Vinyl Chip Flakes & Polyurea Top Coat

Now is the fun part: Step #4 – Vinyl Chip Flakes. At this stage, we apply the colorful vinyl chips that are distinct to the look and appeal of our product line. Because we are working with “vinyl” chip flakes – we have nearly a limitless amount of colors for you to choose from. Of course, we have some pre-assorted colors that you can browse our on Color Options page of our website. However, if you have a specific color arrangement in mind – we can help!

Just email us a picture of a logo or image so we can identify the Vinyl Chip Flakes that match closely to your design. From here we can create a customized surface that matches your business, favorite sports team or just to express your artistic creativity!

Upon installation of our Vinyl Chip Flakes we then move onto our final step: Polyurea Top Coat. This is the final stage of our installation process and it’s what seals and protects our Vinyl Chip Flakes from the outside elements. Rolled on as a clear liquid, our Polyurea Top Coat cures to create an “orange peel like” texture that provides excellent adhesion and superb protection for years to come!

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Do you have a specific room at your home or office that you’ve been dreaming of redoing? Is it perhaps a garage, office, warehouse, showroom or kitchen? The possibilities for our product line are endless – as long as it’s installed on a concrete surface.

If you’d like to receive some free information for our products, we invite you to fill out our Contact Form! You can even upload some basic dimensions for your job site along with some photos. This helps our estimates generate a basic estimate and helps you to get the most information upfront and quickly!

Converting a Stamped Concrete Surface to a Polyurea Coating

Converting a Stamped Concrete Surface to a Polyurea Coating

Have you ever invested your hard earned money into upgrading your home or office, only to realize you made a bad investment? Whether it be a new home appliance, used car, new computer or paint for your walls – sometimes our purchases wind up causing more harm than good. When our purchases don’t work as intended – it’s easy to feel frustrated and ready for the problem to be fixed.

As a part of the floor coating industry, we’ve seen numerous clients with this predicament. From garage floor epoxy coatings, to stamped & stained concrete decks – the scenarios are always different and yet similar in their problem. In each of these scenarios, our client is frustrated by their unhappiness with their current floors and want something new and restorative.

It’s in these scenarios that we are glad to introduce our Polyurea Floor Coatings. Not only is our product a fix-all solution, but it’s also colorful and safe for your indoor surfaces and outdoor living spaces. Versatile by design, it can be installed in dirty, hard working areas such as a commercial garage or in a delicate, beautiful space like a business showroom. In all of these cases, our product is easy to keep clean and stands tough to wear and tear due to it’s durable Polyurea composition.

Here you can see how this stamped & stained concrete deck looked prior to our installation technician arriving at the job site. This surface appears severely worn as you can see a wide array of discoloration and some concrete patching. The truth to stamped & stained concrete is: it’s tough to maintain and doesn’t wear as well as you hope when purchasing the material.

A Stamped & Stained Concrete Deck

Stamped and Stained concrete decks are a popular surface selection that many home owners choose for their outdoor living spaces. When installed properly, it’s both beautiful and durable. Unfortunately (as we mentioned above) there are always conditions where a home investment turns sour. Additionally, it’s not until the installation of the Stamped & Stained material is complete that you can see the finished product.

Whether it be an incorrect installation, poor color selection or improper cure sequence – your concrete surface can be ruined by a Stamped & Stain gone wrong. So what is there to do in a situation like this?

Unfortunately, with stamped & stained concrete surfaces, there is very little that can be done besides covering it up. Because stamped & stained concrete is still concrete, the top surface cannot be easily removed. Additionally, the stain absorbs into the concrete. If you were to remove the first few inches of concrete materials, you’d likely still see the stain in the lower layers of concrete. That means that grinding the top surface down isn’t likely the best course of action.

Our installation technician used our CR Mender to fill the cracks & voids between the stamped concrete surface. Originally, this concrete material was meant to look like a French pattern surface (with various stones sizes). Luckily, our CR Mender was able to fill the voids to create a smooth surface for our Polyurea materials to be applied.

Cover It With Our Polyurea Concrete Coating

Luckily, 1 Day Coatings offers the perfect concrete coating material. Our Polyurea Concrete Coatings are designed specifically for concrete. That also means that it’s also the perfect solution for covering up Stamped & Stained concrete surfaces.

As you can see from our images, our installer was able to use our CR Mender to fill the voids between the concrete stamp. By filling the voids, we created a smooth and flat surface to then apply the remainder of our products for the installation. From here we followed our same installation procedures to install our Polyurea Base Coat, Vinyl Chip Flakes & Polyurea Top Coat.

What we are trying to say is this: even if you feel like your concrete surface is ruined and beyond repair – there is still hope! To date, we’ve repaired dozens of concrete surfaces with a wide range of issues. From epoxy floor coatings, to Stamped & Stained surfaces, to cracked concrete or stained concrete – it’s all fixable by our revolutionary products developed by Penntek Coatings.

Alas, you can see how transformative and beautiful this concrete surface looks after the application of our Polyurea Concrete Coating. This application is particularly amazing because you can’t even see any sign of the stamped & stained concrete surface that lies beneath the surface. Our technician did an amazing job of hiding the stamped layer and left our client with a smooth surface with a consistent texture.

Get a Free Estimate Today

Do you have a concrete surface that you need repaired? Would you like a free estimate for that repair? Our teams are ready to take a look at your concrete surface and to provide you with a free estimate for our services!

Getting a free estimate is easy and all you have to do is fill out our Instant Estimator form. Upload some images, provide us with your contact information and basic measurements. It’s your chance to give us all the information up front so that we can get back to you quickly!

Additionally, if you would like to receive some more information via email, please reach out to us directly at 1daycoatings@gmail.com. We’ve love to answer any of your questions and to send you brochure or product information!

Outdoor Living Space – Pecan Color

Outdoor Living Space – Pecan Color

What are some of your favorite television shows to watch? Do you enjoy suspense, action, romance or reality tv? One of the most popular television series that has gained enormous popularity in recent years is HGTV. People seem to be hooked on transformative television specials. Seeing things that were once run-down or abandoned turn into something new – that’s entertaining television!

There is something about transformations that people can relate to. Maybe it’s the biblical principles of being made new or the underdog moment when the old space becomes the spectacular showroom. We all love seeing things become beautiful, reformed and amazing!

Likewise, we at 1 Day Coatings pride ourselves in transforming regular spaces into works of art. Our wide array of color choices, superior warranty and product performance sets the tone for clients who love investing in quality floor coatings. Our team of transformation engineers is here to help our clients turn normal spaces into rugged, beautiful and easy-to-care for spaces where life happens!

We want our 1 Day Floor Coatings to protect your floors while enhancing your everyday lifestyle! That’s the entire mission of HGTV and we believe that our products bring the same spirit to our clients and their everyday lives. It’s why we love doing what we do everyday!

Polyurea Floor Coatings – Perfect Product for Outdoor Environments

We’ve said it before – our Polyurea Floor Coatings provide top-notch performance for outdoor living spaces. We don’t just mean outdoor patios where you’ll spend some time sitting on furniture and relaxing. No – we mean outdoor “living” spaces where you enjoy activities such as cooking, swimming, playing and working. Our Polyurea floor coatings adhere to concrete surfaces to protect and enhance the things that you do everyday.

No longer do you have to worry about the spilled chicken grease. Where you once had to scrub, pray and use oil removing products – you can now cook outdoors stress free. Whether it’s spilled food or drinks, scrapes, drops or abrasions – our Polyurea floor coatings let’s you live life. You don’t need to fear about making your concrete floors look worse. No sir! Our floor coatings can easily be cleaned up while always looking beautiful and providing superior protection and slip resistance in outdoor living environments.

UV Protection – For Superior Color Retention

Not only do our floors hold up tough to food & foot traffic – they also outperform other floor coatings in terms of UV protection. All colorful materials are subject to fading due to UV exposure. The sun has the tendency to fade the pigmentation of materials over time. Fading and discoloration is a problem that all floor coating products have to combat. Luckily our Polyurea Floor Coatings have an added layer of protection due to our Polyurea Top Coat.

Installed on all of our job sites, this Polyurea Top Coat is used to seal and protect our Vinyl Chip Flakes (the material that provides our color). Regardless of which color you select for your floor coating system, it will be protected by our Polyurea Top Coat. We install this top-coat layer on all of our coating applications and it’s one of the secrete ingredients that allows us to provide our superior warranty policy.

Backed by our superior 15-year residential or 5-year commercial warranty policies, our floors are guaranteed to provide exceptional characteristics, including:

  • Easy, One-Day Installation (for most jobs – depending on size of job site)
  • Abrasion & Chemical Resistance
  • Pre-Assorted Colors or 100% Customizable (you pick)
  • Slip-Resistance “Orange Peel-Like” Texture
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Microbial
  • Will NOT Chip or Peel

This Job Site: A Stunning Outdoor Living Space

This job site started out just like any other. A concrete porch that spanned the outdoor kitchen and surrounding patio space. Concrete is a standard builder-grade surface that most home owners receive when they purchase a new home. In fact, it’s the most common surface that we see out in the field. It’s also exact reason we got into this business in the first place. We felt that there were thousands of clients who could benefit from a superior concrete coating system to protect their homes and families!

As you can see from our images, by applying our 1 Day Coatings products, this outdoor kitchen has turned into a stunning outdoor living space. This home is now protected by our Polyurea Floor System and this space now looks complete and all around gorgeous.

Selecting the Pecan Color, our client picked the perfect tones to blend into their adjacent stone walls. These two color schemes compliment each other to make this space flow naturally without any odd color patterns. This is an ideal project for our portfolio and a perfect example of just how beautiful our Polyurea Floor System can look when paired with a matching color option. This is truly a remarkable job site installed by Brandon and Coe and one that we are grateful to have installed for our fabulous client!

Get a Free Estimate Today!

If you like what you see here and would like to receive some information about our products for your home – we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator Form! This is a great way for you to communicate with us and provide us with some basic measurements and images of your job site.

Our mission at 1 Day Coatings is to protect your home and family while enhancing your lifestyle! Our floors are meant to help you live your life to the fullest. We take the worry out of caring for concrete floors while enhancing the safety for your family due to slip-resistant and smooth surface. We bet you’ll love our floor coatings just as much as we do so we invite you to get in touch with us so we can provide your more information today!

OSU Back Porch & Other Outdoor Remodels

OSU Back Porch & Other Outdoor Remodels

College Football is here y’all and it’s time to fire up those grills and get ready for some loud outdoor parties! If you haven’t bought your football tickets, new jersey, or scheduled your next outdoor cookout – it’s time to start now!

We all love college football season. It’s a great time of year to join together with friends and celebrate the performance of our favorite collegiate teams as they battle it out every Saturday night. Some of us take this tradition a bit more seriously than others, but we all have fun at the end of the day. Among all of the ways to prepare for this wonderful time of year, it’s a lot of fun to spruce up our Outdoor Living Spaces! What better way to celebrate your team than by showing off your collegiate pride?

Showing off our pride is something that we all love to do. It doesn’t have to be boastful but rather tasteful. Go hunting at Nebraska Furniture Mart or Target for the perfect Orange pillow to match color of your yard flag. College Football means that we all get to relax a bit and enjoy time outdoors as the seasons take a turn towards the holiday season. There is a lot to enjoy this time of year! Isn’t it time that you enjoyed your outdoor living space a bit more?

Does this picture look familiar? As you can see, prior to the installation of our polyurea floor coating, this floor looked just like a standard concrete surface. With our beautiful floor finish and our clients passion for their new outdoor living space – this patio turned into a work of art (literally overnight)!

Transform That Outdoor Living Space – And Keep It Protected

If you look at your back patio and huff at the thought of cleaning off the dusty furniture or sadden by the lack of beauty – no problem. You can turn all of that around with the right help and the right products! 1 Day Coatings has helped dozens of clients transform their outdoor living spaces into works of art.

Gone are the days of stained or treated concrete – that is both costly and limited in design and color. Here are the days of 100% customizable flooring options. We have the ability to coat any concrete surface with our cutting edge Polyurea Floor System. Developed by Penntek Coatings, our flooring system can be installed in as little as one day! Not only are we fast and 100% customizable, but we back our installations with a 15-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty!

This policy is greater than any other flooring provider around because we are here to help our clients receive the best possible service for our products. Should your floors chip, flake or peel – you can get a 1 Day Coatings professional to make it good as new with a simple phone call. We are here to help you enjoy your new outdoor living space to the fullest and we stand by our 1 Day Coatings protection policy!

Here is another example of a bare concrete surface: so common to many of our homes today. If you have to envision turning this into an outdoor living space, how would you go about it? Starting with a beautiful concrete floor coating is always a good place to start!

How Do We Price Our Products?

We’ve received a lot of interest on this installation from our Facebook page and lot’s of questions about how we price our products. To help provide some transparency and understanding of our pricing model we wanted to shed some light on what goes into our application process. For starters, we also recommend that our potential clients fill out our Instant Estimator form. This is listed on the Contact Page of our website and you can supply us with basic information such as name, address, contact info and attach images of your job site.

Once we’ve received this information, one of our 1 Day Coatings experts will contact you to discuss your interest in our products and send you information about our installation and material selection. From here we visit your home to obtain information such as:

  • Crack Repair
  • Vertical Rises (walls, steps or baseboards)
  • Moisture Levels
  • Overall Condition of the Concrete Substrate
  • Total Square Footage of project

Once we’ve evaluated all of the elements, we provide an accurate price. Our purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that we treat your concrete surface for long term performance. We want all of our clients to enjoy a lifetime of our 1 Day Coatings so we do our best to ensure that each area of the concrete surface is carefully evaluated before sending out our installation teams. Once our evaluation is complete and you approve the big – we schedule the installation and you get to enjoy our products for a long time because, well, they last a long time!

Ah, now that’s better! With just a simple change out of the floors this outdoor living space looks like a nice place to spend some time outdoors! Isn’t it amazing how a simple design change can totally transform a living space? We certainly think so!

Creating This OSU Themed Patio

For us to create a patio that looks as attractive and professional as this OSU themed outdoor space – we first off have to have a client who loves their outdoor living space. Our floor products do a great job to helping to boost your outdoor living environment. They provide long lasting protection against all that life has to throw at them. Lastly they make your floors look colorful and beautiful for all of your guest and family to enjoy!

But nothing can replace a client who loves their outdoor living space! For this particular client, you can see that the purpose of this patio renovation was to create a living space meant to be enjoyed… outdoors! For this client, they envision themselves watching college football and rooting on their favorite team every Saturday night! For them, this outdoor renovation was more about bringing the family and friends together than just protecting their concrete surface.

So how about you? Do you have an area of your home that you’d love to renovate and bring to life for your complete enjoyment? Do you have a man cave or an outdoor living space that you envision greater things? If so, we invite you to contact 1 Day Coatings – and let us help you bring your vision to life! We love working with clients who love their homes and offices. Our purpose is to provide a superior flooring product so that you can enjoy doing life in these areas. Let us help you accelerate your lifestyle and get the most enjoyment out of your home or office today!

Large Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Large Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Who says that you have to have two different types of deck material for your outdoor living space? Certainly not us! Gone are the days of selecting a concrete deck for the surrounding pool deck and another material for the outdoor kitchen. If you keep up with current design trends, you’ll notice there is a lot of emphasis on uniformity with color and material selections. Just like this client, it looks fantastic to have a uniform layout in your outdoor living space to tie the two spaces together!

We are big believers in creating unique concrete surfaces that are sure to blow away your friends and family! 1 Day Coatings is capable of installing our products on all concrete surfaces! Just like this backyard installation, we can install our products on both concrete flooring and even counter tops! You provide the concrete and we provide the coatings. It’s a unique relationship that lets us protect your concrete surfaces while providing a high quality product that enhances your lifestyle.

Worried about the mess? Don’t be! Our Polyurea products exhibit tremendous cleanup ability. From cooking out on that grill with a dripping, greasy mess to working on your car in the hot garage – our floors hold up tremendously in hard working environments. That means you can live your life and not worry about grease or oil stains as well as a wide array of problems associated to exposed concrete surfaces! 1 Day Coatings can help you enhance your life while making your indoor and outdoor living spaces look more beautiful!

Backyard Renovations: We Make It a Breeze

Do you have a backyard that you are itching to get your design hands on? We’ve all been there: you recently purchased a home that has a backyard you’d prefer to rip out than live in. Or maybe you’ve lived so much life in that space that it’s just worn down and in need of some serious TLC.

Whatever the reason, our teams are capable of applying our Polyurea floor coatings directly onto your existing concrete surfaces. That’s a money saving venture! Rather than pay a contractor to rip out your existing concrete and replace it with a completely different material – we can just resurface that concrete deck!

If you’ve browsed the concrete market for renovation contractors, you’ll understand that concrete work can be expensive! Concrete is one of the highest priced commodities in the construction industry and ripping out and replacing that existing concrete surface can easily be out of the question! That’s one of the reasons that we advocate our products so much. These products let us use what you got and transform it into something new!

Cracks? Not a Problem!

If you have an existing concrete surface, are you worried about applying our products because of some existing cracks in the concrete? Don’t be! If you haven’t heard this before, you’ll hear it from us. “There are two types of concrete: cracked concrete… and concrete that will crack…” It’s almost a guarantee in today’s environment.

The fact is that in our hot Texas environment, our earth moves. North Central Texas is home to a wide array of clay soils that expand and contract all throughout the year. Dry seasons, wet rains, heat and chill – all of these conditions can wreak havoc on your concrete surface. The benefit: we have the products to repair your existing concrete and apply our Polyurea floor system directly on top of it!

We utilize some impressive products such as a our CR Mender to fill and repair existing concrete cracks. The CR Mender fills the voids of the cracks and creates an extremely durable fill material. Once filled, we can apply our Polyurea Base coat directly onto our now “smooth” concrete surface.

From there, we proceed as usual and create some amazing transformations in both residential and commercial settings! Don’t believe us? Check out our blog page to see just what we are talking about! We’ve been at the core of some amazing indoor and outdoor transformations and have the pictures to show for it!

Renovate That Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen

As you can see from our images, our team just completed another outdoor renovation on this swimming pool deck and outdoor kitchen! By the looks of it, we completely transformed this backyard and covered both living spaces with the same material. Just as we said (above), selecting the same material for both backyard zones creates a uniform layout that is both beautiful and functional!

So what all went into renovating this pool deck? It can’t have been as easy as just applying our products and calling it a day, right? You’re exactly right – our crews are diligent about “prepping” our work spaces to protect surrounding areas so we only get our products on things that we want to apply them to. Makes sense, right?

As you can see from our images, we diligently covered the swimming pool with tarps and tape and went about surface grinding the concrete deck. We mechanically grind all concrete surfaces to remove the top surface of concrete and expose a fresh layer for our Polyurea Base coat to adhere to! This is a scientific process developed by our manufacturer, Penntek Coatings, which we are a certified installer for!

Putting The Finishing Touches on the Outdoor Kitchen

Some areas of this renovation project required a little bit of elbow grease! Take this outdoor kitchen for example. There is a beautiful pergola roofing that houses this outdoor kitchen. Additionally there was a epoxy coated concrete counter top that our client wanted us to renovate. Because we can’t just set our commercial grinder on top of the concrete countertops – we had to work with a bit more tact and utilize a hand grinder to remove the epoxy surface before applying our products.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been called on to remove epoxy surfaces. No sir! In fact, removing epoxy surfaces is a call tag that we are known for. Unfortunately, it’s commonplace for some home owners to branch out and purchase epoxy materials on their own or pay a contractor to install these products. Generally speaking, epoxy sounds great in principle but it rarely looks as good as you hoped it would after it is installed. It’s difficult to create a consistent color and there is a potential for chipping down the road.

Because so many home owners are tired of their existing epoxy surfaces, they give us a call and we remove them – then proceed to apply our 1 Day Coatings products! Do you have an existing epoxy surface that you want renovated? Or do you have a backyard that you want to flip to create something stunning and new? If so, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form so that we can give you a free, no obligation estimate for our services!

Back Patio Restoration

Back Patio Restoration

How much work have you put into your home to upgrade your living spaces? Have you recently installed some wood flooring, modern cabinets, a theater room or a swimming pool? Home ownership is a blessing that we should all cherish. However, there comes a point in all of our ownership experiences when we want to change some things out.

Maybe it’s a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. With all of the possible choices for home investment, have you thought about your outdoor living space? Before we lose you and you click to some other site – let’s first talk about it! How often are you currently outside? Now, pretend you could upgrade your back patio or backyard and max out the upgrades – how much time would you spend outside? 

If the answer changed from “not much” to “a lot more” then we need to talk! Many of our clients spend most of their time indoors. The reason being – they don’t have a back patio or outdoor living space worth spending time in. Let’s face it, most homes are built with builder grade concrete patios and no outdoor accessories. Often these spaces are uncomfortable, hot and not much fun to spend time in.

Save Money & Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space! 

But with 1 Day Coatings – all of that can change! Let’s face it, most of our outdoor living spaces have to have some kind of flooring. Whether it be a concrete surface, brick or travertine pavers or something else entirely – you have to have something to walk on. *To categorize ourselves, it’s important to point out here that our products can only be applied to concrete surfaces.

If you plan on renovating your outdoor living space, then one of the items sure to be on your shopping list is resurfacing the concrete deck. And yes, this can be a costly upgrade – especially if you elect to install stamped and stained concrete or a natural stone paver surface. However, by electing to upgrade your floors to our Polyurea Floor Coatings – you can save money, time and wind up with a higher quality surface that is backed by our Residential or Commercial Warranty! Not only do we install fabulous products but we protect that investment for 10-years on all Residential installations and 5-years for Commercial installations.

Now, let’s talk about cost! Many home owners begin to get a little fidgety when discussing price, but what if we told you that our products could help save you money? That may seem a bit confusing, but that type of thinking is generally related to some bad experience you’ve had with another home contractor.

At 1 Day Coatings we want you to rest assured that we are built on honest, old fashioned values and we deliver exceptional value with all of our products! Just give us a shot and fill out our Instant Estimator form today!

How much is this going to cost me? 

Believe it or not, our Polyurea Surfaces will cost you less than you originally thought! We can even install your upgraded concrete floor coating in a faster time frame than you originally envisioned! How is this possible? 

1 Day Coatings is the premier concrete floor coating company in the greater North Central Texas area! We can take any concrete surface and remove defects such as work Epoxy Floor Coatings and perform fixes such as crack repairs and give you something entirely new! 

Why do people love our product so much? Well, for starters it’s hard to imagine that the beautiful surface we leave behind is still your original concrete surface – just covered and protected by our Polyurea floor coating! We completely transform the look and feel and can even customize the color

Our surface provides you with an Orange-peel like texture and enhances your lifestyle with its Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial propertiesWith so much protection and enhanced performance, what else could you possible want for your concrete surface?

Check Out This Back Patio Restoration!

As you can see from these images, our team just completed another Back Patio Restoration at a residential home. This was another Brandon & Coe masterpiece and by this point, we’re developing a large portfolio of their finished work!

This back porch is a smaller size that required some crack repairs prior to installing our Polyurea Floor Coating. To complete the repairs, our crews utilized the CR Mender, developed by Penntek Coatings. This product is excellent at concrete adhesion and helps to fill the crack and provide a hard, durable surface for our Polyurea Base coat to adhere to.

Upon completion of our CR Mender application, we applied our Polyurea Base coat and generously distributed our Vinyl Chip Flakes to create our stunning color. In fact, it looks like Brandon & Coe got a little creative with their dispersion techniques. Did somebody ask for the Vinyl Chip Flake fairy?

Get a Free Estimate Today!

Do you have a concrete surface that you would like to renovate at your home or office? If so, we’d love to help you get started! In fact, we’ve made the process very easy! By clicking our Instant Estimator you can provide us with some basic information for your home or office.

We give you plenty of space to provide us with your job site details including your contact information and notes. Additionally, your able to upload single images or a file of images to help our estimators provide you with the best estimate up front. Therefore, since we’ve made the process so easy, what are you waiting on?

We promise we won’t be pushy, but we do think you deserve to empower yourself with the information to make the right decision for your home or office. After all, getting additional information is the first step towards creating a fresh look for your concrete surface! Let’s get started today!