Commercial Flooring

Commercial Environments

Boost Your Business.

You and your business work hard – it’s how you have achieved all that you have. It’s how your grow and how you strive. Therefore, wouldn’t you want your business to have a flooring system that works just as hard as you do?

We work hard to protect your business and make you look good for your clients. Your customers are sure to see the level of detail and beauty that our 1 Day Coatings product adds to your industrial & office environment. 

We’ve protected all types of business from warehouses, to kitchens, industrial garages, fitness gyms and board rooms. By investing in our product, you’re purchasing a beautiful floor that represents you and the pride that you feel for what you do everyday. 

We give you the color options that work best for you. Choose from our pre-selected colors or create your own customized color. Whatever you want, we’re here for you!

Warehouses & Factories

From machine shops to warehouses & manufacturing plants, our floors works hard to keep your employees safe.

Fitness Centers

Sweat & water can corrode your floors causing expensive repairs down the road – our floors are designed for this type of wear and tear.

Commercial Kitchens

Oils, spills, grease and food – we have the floors that are designed for the intense environment of commercial kitchens.


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