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Our Polyurea-based Chip System is designed to enhance the safety of your outdoor living space while boosting the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Our product are backed by a premier 15-year manufacturer warranty and designed to stand up against the harshest environments.

1 Day Coatings Polyurea Floor Coating can be applied to most concrete surfaces around your home or office. If you want it protected, we can make it happen. From outdoor patio spaces, pool decks, driveways, sidewalks, garage floors and much more – 1 Day Coatings can protect it all!

We can even install your product in as little as one day!

In addition to our superior installation time frames, we have a wide selection of pre-assorted colors all backed by our 15-year residential warranty

We offer all of these services for our clients because we believe that everyone should enjoy their outdoors spaces and feel protected and safe.

Safe & Durable

Our Polyurea Chip System protects your exterior surfaces from harmful UV rays, resists chemical damage, abrasions, foot traffic and much more. You’re sure to enjoy the OSHA certified slip resistant textured flooring.


From the day of installation, all of our products are backed by a 15-year residential warranty. We guarantee that our product will hold up to all that we say it will. It’s our way of earning and upholding the trust of our clients!


Choose from a wide array of pre-arranged color options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for there no problem. We can even create a custom look by combining our Polyurea-based Chip colors to create the look that is perfect for your home or office.


What We Offer


Easy one-day installation


Abrasion & Chemical Resistant Surfaces


Customization of Colors & Styles


Non-Slip Texture


15-Year Product Warranty

What We Can Do

Exterior Solutions

We have the ability to cover any and all outdoor surfaces with our 1 Day Coatings product line. Using our state-of-the-art Polyurea Chip System, we can create an orange-peel like texture with 100% customizable colors to protect your exterior surfaces from the tenacious elements of North Central TX. 

For example, one of the most popular exterior applications is a Pool Deck Coating. An important aspect of any pool deck is safety for your friends, family and guest. Our premium Pool Deck Coatings are built tough and designed to last. Our product increases the grip of your pool deck and increases the slip resistance.

Resistant to chemicals and UV-rays, it’s designed to hold up to life’s wear and tear. Back that with our 15-year residential warranty and we’ve got a product that can’t be beat! Our product adds exceptional value to your outdoor living space.

Swimming Pool Deck

Protect your family & guests with a swimming pool deck that provides excellent slip-resistance and durability against chemical spills. 

Outdoor Patios

If you love entertaining family and friends, you’ll love our superior floor coatings. It’s an exceptional way to protect your outdoor living space from spills and grease stains!

Driveways & Sidewalks

Our Vinyl Chip System can protect your driveway from grease and oil spills from vehicles. Therefore, it’s a great option for keeping the front of your home or office looking great!

Customer Review

“1 Day Coatings recently coated our screened in porch with an epoxy finish and it looks fantastic! They were very professional and polite and completed the job in a timely manner! We are very satisfied and would highly recommend their services to anyone!” – Connie Horany