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Designed Tough

Our 1 Day Coatings product can fit any of your interior residential and commercial needs. We’ve installed our products on anything ranging from: Garage Floors, Laundry & Utility Rooms, Inside Patios to Office Spaces & Kitchens. In essence, if you have a room that you want to keep cleaner with our Polyurea Chip System, 1 Day Coatings is here to get it done!




Ask any guy and they’ll tell you how much they love their car or truck. Taking pride in our vehicles is part of our DNA. Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to park that lovely vehicle in a garage that compliments your vehicle? Our 1 Day Coatings product can make your garage floors tough just like that truck and are excellent for guys who like to work outside.

Garage Floors

Laundry & Utility Rooms

We’ve all been there: loads of laundry to do with clothes that are muddy and wet. Rather than doing laundry on your wood or tile floors, wouldn’t it be nice to have a floor built to withstand all the stains and muck from outside? We can help you protect your home from the daily ritual of laundry & utility functions!

Laundry & Utility Rooms


   Office Spaces

For those who work from home, have busy kitchens or commercial environments, we’ve got the product to cover all of your needs. From commercial kitchens, office spaces and much more – we can protect your home or office environments with a product that lasts. 

We can even customize our color options to match your business. Therefore, you can have an industrial flooring system that represents your business!

Kitchens & Office Spaces