Restaurant Floor – Replacing a Failed Epoxy Floor

Restaurant Floor – Replacing a Failed Epoxy Floor

We Do Commercial Work Too!

1 Day Coatings proudly services the greater North Central Texas area – providing the highest quality industrial floor coating system available! Our teams can be in and out of your home, office or commercial facility in just one day.

We install the Vinyl Chip System designed and developed by Penntek Industrial Coatings. This flooring system combined the technology of Polyurea materials with the beauty of colored Vinyl Chips. Our floors are backed by a 15-year Residential Warranty and a 5-year Commercial Warranty!

In addition to our tough materials we have a wide range of color options to choose from. We have 13 pre-selected colors to choose from but can customize any color pattern due to our colored Vinyl Chip Flake system. Therefore, if you have a college team or local activity that you want to support – we can make your industrial grade floors reflect your pride!

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This project entailed us removing an old epoxy floor coating from a Restaurant and their Commercial Kitchen. As you can see here, this epoxy floor was very resilient and difficult to remove. It took a lot of work to grind, sand down and etch the old epoxy floor away to expose a fresh layer of concrete.

Replacing a Failed Epoxy Floor System

It’s not uncommon for us to receive phone calls and emails from clients with failing epoxy floor systems. Oftentimes homeowners or commercial facilities will try to install a D-I-Y epoxy floor that lasts for only a few years. Eventually (and often due to incorrect prep work) these epoxy floor systems fail and leave you with a nasty paint that you can’t get rid of.

That’s when they call us. Our teams are specially trained to remove old epoxy floor coatings and to install our premier Vinyl Chip Flake system. Removing these aged epoxy floor coatings is no easy task – as you can see from our images. Oftentimes it requires rigorous grinding, sanding and acid washing to remove these stubborn materials.

However, once we successfully grind down to the concrete we are able to install a beautiful floor designed to last for years to come!

Our client selected a custom Vinyl Chip color for this Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen. These floors now reflect a beautiful blue, white and black ambiance that shines all throughout their facility! They are also tough and will hold up against stains, grease, abrasions and a multitude of other abuses - all of which Commercial kitchens are bound to sustain.
Our client selected a custom Vinyl Chip color for this Restaurant & Commercial Kitchen. These floors now reflect a beautiful blue, white and black ambiance that shines all throughout their facility! They are also tough and will hold up against stains, grease, abrasions and a multitude of other abuses – all of which Commercial kitchens are bound to sustain.

Custom Color Selection

For this particular job site, we installed a custom selection of Vinyl Chip Flakes. This Wichita Falls restaurant selected a blend of blue, white and black chip flakes.

As with all of our other projects we can create any assortment of colors that you desire! It’s part of the beauty of our product line and an aspect that our clients love!

Designing Our Floors to Last

So what exactly makes our industrial floor coatings so tough? Well, for starters – it’s the material makeup and our multi-layer system. As you can see from the image below, our floors are comprised of multiple layers including:

One key element that is not represented in this product image is prep-work! Our crews spend a lot of time prepping our concrete so that it properly bonds and adheres to our Polyurea base coat.

We take the time to thoroughly grind down the top layer of concrete (or remove an old flooring system) and vacuum away any loose debris. It is a time consuming process that requires a commercial concrete buffer (which we have).

Exposing a fresh layer of concrete allows our system to properly bond to any residential or commercial floors. This creates a lasting product that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Contact 1 Day Coatings for Residential & Commercial Work!

Are you tired of having an ugly epoxy floor coating or want to change the look of your boring concrete floors? If so, we would love for you to Contact Us! Our teams receive an increasing number of calls everyday from clients owners who want something new and beautiful for their homes and offices.

We can even provide you with a free instant estimate – by filling out our contact form! Just provide us with information pertaining to your job site including:

  • Contact Information
  • Location
  • Images or Video from the Job Site
  • Dimensions (Length & Width)
  • Any additional comments that are important for our team to know

We are glad that you are here and hope that you will consider adding our 1 Day Coatings product to your home or office environment!

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1 Day Coatings – Our Premium Industrial Floor Coatings

1 Day Coatings – Our Premium Industrial Floor Coatings

Pebble Beach Coating

1 Day Coatings: Subsidiary of Advocate Construction Services LLC

This is our first post on our 1 Day Coatings website. We mention this because we have previously been posting all of our job site articles for 1 Day Coatings on our parent website: Advocate Construction Services LLC.

Advocate Construction Services LLC is our original company and still performs many functions such as:

A Brief History: Our Expansion into 1 Day Coatings

Several years ago, we were looking into expanding our Advocate Construction business into a new, and relatively untapped industry. That’s when we came across the Penntek Industrial Coatings brand. This product provided amazing benefits such as:

  • 4x Stronger Than Epoxy
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • 100% Antibacterial and Antimicrobial
  • TRUE 1 Day Application
  • Will Not Chip or Peel
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • Customizable Designs
  • 100% Satisfaction!

After developing a strong relationship with Penntek Industrial Coatings (the manufacturer) we decided to form 1 Day Coatings. Using this subsidiary name, we operate out of our same office in Wichita Falls, TX. This provides us tremendous capability to service the greater North Central TX region. We can travel as far north as Oklahoma and many areas of Texas.

We truly believe in the quality of this brand and have received tremendous support from many clients across Texas & Oklahoma. Among the many benefits of this product, we have the capability to install it in as little as one day. We’ve included some images from a recently completed project (below) so you can see the changes for yourself.

Amazing Photographs: From Start to Finish

From our photographs above, you can see the evidence that our product is truly unique and beautiful. It can be installed on a wide range of surfaces while providing the same level of quality floor protection. Our 1 Day Coatings product is built tough! It can withstand many types of afflictions that your typical floor cannot, including: chemicals, abrasions, water & much more!

These floors are also backed by a 15-year manufacturer warranty. We also guarantee your satisfaction with our product. As you can see, we have a tremendous amount of confidence in this product and you’re overall satisfaction.

Instant Estimator

Recently, we have received a tremendous amount of support from our clients which requires more road time to visit more homes for quotes. Therefore, we’ve adapted to this increased level of demand and are using technology to help us provide pricing faster. Because each job is different in regards to: square footage, color selection & prep work – we provide a custom quote for each job.

To aid us in our collection of this information, we’ve developed our Instant Estimator Form. This unique form provides you the capability to install multiple job site images for our owner, Nathan Moore, to examine. Along with images, the form will request various other information such as: address, contact information, length & width dimensions and any notes you’d like us to consider.

Once we have this information, we will respond to your request promptly with some basic pricing information. This allows you, our client, the ability to determine if this product is right for you and your budget.

Our Wide Range of Color Selections

Along with the premium quality & service value that we deliver, we also give you many great color options! Our 1 Day Coatings product is comprised of any color combination of Vinyl Chip Flakes you can imagine. Therefore, you can custom create your own personal blend of colors to have the blend that is perfect for you. Or you can just choose one of our pre-selected color options. Either way, you’re going to love your new industrial floor finish!

Trust 1 Day Coatings: by Advocate Construction

We hope that you have enjoyed this overview article about our amazing 1 Day Coatings product line. We are huge believers in the quality of our industrial floor coatings. They are extremely diverse in color options and protect every surface that we apply them on.

To date, we’ve installed this product on a wide array of product lines, including:

Just to reemphasize, up until now we’ve been publishing these 1 Day Coatings articles on our Advocate Construction Services LLC website. Therefore, if you’d like to see job site articles showing our work, just click here.

Moving forward, we will be posting additional job site content on this website: 1 Day Coatings. This is all apart of our mission to keep our clients informed of our premium products and services. We want you to have as much information as you need to make an informed decision about this investment in your home. We are also so sure of our quality product that we desire taking photos and showing you start to finish what our process looks like. Therefore, stay tuned in the coming weeks. We will show you how our team of professionals is delivering this exceptional product line across the state!