We’re not sure if we like the floors more or the sports cars! When we envision a garage full of beautiful automobiles, it only makes sense to us that the garage looks just as attractive and professional as the garage you see here! For a car advocate, one thing is certain: attention to detail and cleanliness are critical! It’s safe to say that this home owner feels good tucking his automobile babies in at night upon this newly installed Black and Red Polyurea floor coating!

We were giddy when we received this phone call! The chance to apply our floor coating on a garage that is beautiful is a perfect way to showcase our products. Designed for all types of concrete applications, ranging from garage floors to outdoor patios and even commercial facilities – our Polyurea System is the real deal!

Developed by Penntek Coatings, our Polyurea Floor Coating consists of a Vinyl Chip Flake layer (the pretty colored vinyl chips) plus a Polyurea Top Coat. Together, these two layers (plus the Polyurea Base coat) create a nearly impenetrable barrier between the concrete beneath and the life that happens on top! From housing gorgeous sports cars to a mechanic shop that changes the tires, our Polyurea floor coating system can handle it all! If you’re on the market to look for a floor coating that is as tough as you are – you’ve come to the right place!

No More DIY Epoxy Kits – Use a Product That Actually Works!

Ugh, to say that we’re tired of seeing one home owner after another apply a DIY (do it yourself) Epoxy Kit would be an understatement. These kits overpromise their abilities and have very specific standards for their applications. Oftentimes home owners think they can apply these kits themselves and that the application will work as smoothly as the YouTube video that shows it being installed.

Often the results are far less worthy to be bragged about than the video led you to believe. Often these epoxy kits (once applied) are near impossible to remove without mechanical abrasion and you’re lucky if you can walk away with a floor that looks halfway decent. From etched concrete surfaces from applying muriatic acid (hopefully surrounding areas don’t get damaged) to pock-marked coloring – epoxy kits perform far worse than they are advertised.

Luckily there is a solution to this maddening problem – call 1 Day Coatings to remove the epoxy nightmare and replace it with our professional developed and applied Polyurea floor coating system! Our products are designed by professionals for professional installation. In fact, we are one of a few Penntek Dealers in North Texas and we have been professional trained and certified by this manufacturer to warranty our products after installations.

Our Product Actually Adheres to Concrete

So what’s the hype about our products and why are so many people switching over to it? Well, for starters – our products work by actually adhering to the concrete substrate. Did you catch the part about the muriatic acid etching (above)? That’s right! Epoxy DIY Kits actually require their users to apply muriatic acid (without professional training) to create an etched surface so their products can adhere to that concrete surface. Yikes!

Luckily that’s not the recipe for the success of our products! Instead, we mechanically treat our concrete surfaces with a commercial floor grinder to remove the top layer of concrete and expose a fresh layer – free of dust, oils or contaminates. From there we apply our Polyurea Base Coat and allow the two entities to chemically bond together.

This is all a part of one smooth process and happens rapidly. So fast in fact that we can apply all 3 layers of our products: Base Coat, Vinyl Chip Flakes & Top Coat in just *one day (for average sized residential garages).

*It’s important to note that large residential or commercial applications may require more than one day for installation.

Perfect For Any Type of Garage: Especially Sports Cars!

Oils, tire marks, dropped tools and constant shuffling – a mechanics garage is a busy place! Things are moved, set down, dropped, spilled, brushed and scraped while a mechanical enthusiast works on what he/she loves working on best – the cars and bikes! These venues are places of creation and where ideas take shape and new things are developed. Garages are humming places and often can become areas stained with grease and oils.

Not with our Polyurea floor coating system! Our products perform above all epoxy floor systems are guaranteed to be:

  • 4-times stronger than epoxy floors
  • Will NOT chip or peel
  • Resistant Abrasions, Stains, Oils and Grease
  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Easy to keep clean

In fact, it’s safe to say that our Polyurea floors were designed for the humming of a mechanics work shop! Our floors keep your garage protected, beautiful and clean. They enhance your lifestyle while working in your mechanical tapestry and allow you to worry less while learning and achieving more! Doesn’t that sound like the type of floor that you want for your home?