Large Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Large Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

Who says that you have to have two different types of deck material for your outdoor living space? Certainly not us! Gone are the days of selecting a concrete deck for the surrounding pool deck and another material for the outdoor kitchen. If you keep up with current design trends, you’ll notice there is a lot of emphasis on uniformity with color and material selections. Just like this client, it looks fantastic to have a uniform layout in your outdoor living space to tie the two spaces together!

We are big believers in creating unique concrete surfaces that are sure to blow away your friends and family! 1 Day Coatings is capable of installing our products on all concrete surfaces! Just like this backyard installation, we can install our products on both concrete flooring and even counter tops! You provide the concrete and we provide the coatings. It’s a unique relationship that lets us protect your concrete surfaces while providing a high quality product that enhances your lifestyle.

Worried about the mess? Don’t be! Our Polyurea products exhibit tremendous cleanup ability. From cooking out on that grill with a dripping, greasy mess to working on your car in the hot garage – our floors hold up tremendously in hard working environments. That means you can live your life and not worry about grease or oil stains as well as a wide array of problems associated to exposed concrete surfaces! 1 Day Coatings can help you enhance your life while making your indoor and outdoor living spaces look more beautiful!

Backyard Renovations: We Make It a Breeze

Do you have a backyard that you are itching to get your design hands on? We’ve all been there: you recently purchased a home that has a backyard you’d prefer to rip out than live in. Or maybe you’ve lived so much life in that space that it’s just worn down and in need of some serious TLC.

Whatever the reason, our teams are capable of applying our Polyurea floor coatings directly onto your existing concrete surfaces. That’s a money saving venture! Rather than pay a contractor to rip out your existing concrete and replace it with a completely different material – we can just resurface that concrete deck!

If you’ve browsed the concrete market for renovation contractors, you’ll understand that concrete work can be expensive! Concrete is one of the highest priced commodities in the construction industry and ripping out and replacing that existing concrete surface can easily be out of the question! That’s one of the reasons that we advocate our products so much. These products let us use what you got and transform it into something new!

Cracks? Not a Problem!

If you have an existing concrete surface, are you worried about applying our products because of some existing cracks in the concrete? Don’t be! If you haven’t heard this before, you’ll hear it from us. “There are two types of concrete: cracked concrete… and concrete that will crack…” It’s almost a guarantee in today’s environment.

The fact is that in our hot Texas environment, our earth moves. North Central Texas is home to a wide array of clay soils that expand and contract all throughout the year. Dry seasons, wet rains, heat and chill – all of these conditions can wreak havoc on your concrete surface. The benefit: we have the products to repair your existing concrete and apply our Polyurea floor system directly on top of it!

We utilize some impressive products such as a our CR Mender to fill and repair existing concrete cracks. The CR Mender fills the voids of the cracks and creates an extremely durable fill material. Once filled, we can apply our Polyurea Base coat directly onto our now “smooth” concrete surface.

From there, we proceed as usual and create some amazing transformations in both residential and commercial settings! Don’t believe us? Check out our blog page to see just what we are talking about! We’ve been at the core of some amazing indoor and outdoor transformations and have the pictures to show for it!

Renovate That Pool Deck & Outdoor Kitchen

As you can see from our images, our team just completed another outdoor renovation on this swimming pool deck and outdoor kitchen! By the looks of it, we completely transformed this backyard and covered both living spaces with the same material. Just as we said (above), selecting the same material for both backyard zones creates a uniform layout that is both beautiful and functional!

So what all went into renovating this pool deck? It can’t have been as easy as just applying our products and calling it a day, right? You’re exactly right – our crews are diligent about “prepping” our work spaces to protect surrounding areas so we only get our products on things that we want to apply them to. Makes sense, right?

As you can see from our images, we diligently covered the swimming pool with tarps and tape and went about surface grinding the concrete deck. We mechanically grind all concrete surfaces to remove the top surface of concrete and expose a fresh layer for our Polyurea Base coat to adhere to! This is a scientific process developed by our manufacturer, Penntek Coatings, which we are a certified installer for!

Putting The Finishing Touches on the Outdoor Kitchen

Some areas of this renovation project required a little bit of elbow grease! Take this outdoor kitchen for example. There is a beautiful pergola roofing that houses this outdoor kitchen. Additionally there was a epoxy coated concrete counter top that our client wanted us to renovate. Because we can’t just set our commercial grinder on top of the concrete countertops – we had to work with a bit more tact and utilize a hand grinder to remove the epoxy surface before applying our products.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve been called on to remove epoxy surfaces. No sir! In fact, removing epoxy surfaces is a call tag that we are known for. Unfortunately, it’s commonplace for some home owners to branch out and purchase epoxy materials on their own or pay a contractor to install these products. Generally speaking, epoxy sounds great in principle but it rarely looks as good as you hoped it would after it is installed. It’s difficult to create a consistent color and there is a potential for chipping down the road.

Because so many home owners are tired of their existing epoxy surfaces, they give us a call and we remove them – then proceed to apply our 1 Day Coatings products! Do you have an existing epoxy surface that you want renovated? Or do you have a backyard that you want to flip to create something stunning and new? If so, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form so that we can give you a free, no obligation estimate for our services!

Back Patio Restoration

Back Patio Restoration

How much work have you put into your home to upgrade your living spaces? Have you recently installed some wood flooring, modern cabinets, a theater room or a swimming pool? Home ownership is a blessing that we should all cherish. However, there comes a point in all of our ownership experiences when we want to change some things out.

Maybe it’s a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. With all of the possible choices for home investment, have you thought about your outdoor living space? Before we lose you and you click to some other site – let’s first talk about it! How often are you currently outside? Now, pretend you could upgrade your back patio or backyard and max out the upgrades – how much time would you spend outside? 

If the answer changed from “not much” to “a lot more” then we need to talk! Many of our clients spend most of their time indoors. The reason being – they don’t have a back patio or outdoor living space worth spending time in. Let’s face it, most homes are built with builder grade concrete patios and no outdoor accessories. Often these spaces are uncomfortable, hot and not much fun to spend time in.

Save Money & Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space! 

But with 1 Day Coatings – all of that can change! Let’s face it, most of our outdoor living spaces have to have some kind of flooring. Whether it be a concrete surface, brick or travertine pavers or something else entirely – you have to have something to walk on. *To categorize ourselves, it’s important to point out here that our products can only be applied to concrete surfaces.

If you plan on renovating your outdoor living space, then one of the items sure to be on your shopping list is resurfacing the concrete deck. And yes, this can be a costly upgrade – especially if you elect to install stamped and stained concrete or a natural stone paver surface. However, by electing to upgrade your floors to our Polyurea Floor Coatings – you can save money, time and wind up with a higher quality surface that is backed by our Residential or Commercial Warranty! Not only do we install fabulous products but we protect that investment for 10-years on all Residential installations and 5-years for Commercial installations.

Now, let’s talk about cost! Many home owners begin to get a little fidgety when discussing price, but what if we told you that our products could help save you money? That may seem a bit confusing, but that type of thinking is generally related to some bad experience you’ve had with another home contractor.

At 1 Day Coatings we want you to rest assured that we are built on honest, old fashioned values and we deliver exceptional value with all of our products! Just give us a shot and fill out our Instant Estimator form today!

How much is this going to cost me? 

Believe it or not, our Polyurea Surfaces will cost you less than you originally thought! We can even install your upgraded concrete floor coating in a faster time frame than you originally envisioned! How is this possible? 

1 Day Coatings is the premier concrete floor coating company in the greater North Central Texas area! We can take any concrete surface and remove defects such as work Epoxy Floor Coatings and perform fixes such as crack repairs and give you something entirely new! 

Why do people love our product so much? Well, for starters it’s hard to imagine that the beautiful surface we leave behind is still your original concrete surface – just covered and protected by our Polyurea floor coating! We completely transform the look and feel and can even customize the color

Our surface provides you with an Orange-peel like texture and enhances your lifestyle with its Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial propertiesWith so much protection and enhanced performance, what else could you possible want for your concrete surface?

Check Out This Back Patio Restoration!

As you can see from these images, our team just completed another Back Patio Restoration at a residential home. This was another Brandon & Coe masterpiece and by this point, we’re developing a large portfolio of their finished work!

This back porch is a smaller size that required some crack repairs prior to installing our Polyurea Floor Coating. To complete the repairs, our crews utilized the CR Mender, developed by Penntek Coatings. This product is excellent at concrete adhesion and helps to fill the crack and provide a hard, durable surface for our Polyurea Base coat to adhere to.

Upon completion of our CR Mender application, we applied our Polyurea Base coat and generously distributed our Vinyl Chip Flakes to create our stunning color. In fact, it looks like Brandon & Coe got a little creative with their dispersion techniques. Did somebody ask for the Vinyl Chip Flake fairy?

Get a Free Estimate Today!

Do you have a concrete surface that you would like to renovate at your home or office? If so, we’d love to help you get started! In fact, we’ve made the process very easy! By clicking our Instant Estimator you can provide us with some basic information for your home or office.

We give you plenty of space to provide us with your job site details including your contact information and notes. Additionally, your able to upload single images or a file of images to help our estimators provide you with the best estimate up front. Therefore, since we’ve made the process so easy, what are you waiting on?

We promise we won’t be pushy, but we do think you deserve to empower yourself with the information to make the right decision for your home or office. After all, getting additional information is the first step towards creating a fresh look for your concrete surface! Let’s get started today!

A Stunning Sports Car Garage

A Stunning Sports Car Garage

We’re not sure if we like the floors more or the sports cars! When we envision a garage full of beautiful automobiles, it only makes sense to us that the garage looks just as attractive and professional as the garage you see here! For a car advocate, one thing is certain: attention to detail and cleanliness are critical! It’s safe to say that this home owner feels good tucking his automobile babies in at night upon this newly installed Black and Red Polyurea floor coating!

We were giddy when we received this phone call! The chance to apply our floor coating on a garage that is beautiful is a perfect way to showcase our products. Designed for all types of concrete applications, ranging from garage floors to outdoor patios and even commercial facilities – our Polyurea System is the real deal!

Developed by Penntek Coatings, our Polyurea Floor Coating consists of a Vinyl Chip Flake layer (the pretty colored vinyl chips) plus a Polyurea Top Coat. Together, these two layers (plus the Polyurea Base coat) create a nearly impenetrable barrier between the concrete beneath and the life that happens on top! From housing gorgeous sports cars to a mechanic shop that changes the tires, our Polyurea floor coating system can handle it all! If you’re on the market to look for a floor coating that is as tough as you are – you’ve come to the right place!

No More DIY Epoxy Kits – Use a Product That Actually Works!

Ugh, to say that we’re tired of seeing one home owner after another apply a DIY (do it yourself) Epoxy Kit would be an understatement. These kits overpromise their abilities and have very specific standards for their applications. Oftentimes home owners think they can apply these kits themselves and that the application will work as smoothly as the YouTube video that shows it being installed.

Often the results are far less worthy to be bragged about than the video led you to believe. Often these epoxy kits (once applied) are near impossible to remove without mechanical abrasion and you’re lucky if you can walk away with a floor that looks halfway decent. From etched concrete surfaces from applying muriatic acid (hopefully surrounding areas don’t get damaged) to pock-marked coloring – epoxy kits perform far worse than they are advertised.

Luckily there is a solution to this maddening problem – call 1 Day Coatings to remove the epoxy nightmare and replace it with our professional developed and applied Polyurea floor coating system! Our products are designed by professionals for professional installation. In fact, we are one of a few Penntek Dealers in North Texas and we have been professional trained and certified by this manufacturer to warranty our products after installations.

Our Product Actually Adheres to Concrete

So what’s the hype about our products and why are so many people switching over to it? Well, for starters – our products work by actually adhering to the concrete substrate. Did you catch the part about the muriatic acid etching (above)? That’s right! Epoxy DIY Kits actually require their users to apply muriatic acid (without professional training) to create an etched surface so their products can adhere to that concrete surface. Yikes!

Luckily that’s not the recipe for the success of our products! Instead, we mechanically treat our concrete surfaces with a commercial floor grinder to remove the top layer of concrete and expose a fresh layer – free of dust, oils or contaminates. From there we apply our Polyurea Base Coat and allow the two entities to chemically bond together.

This is all a part of one smooth process and happens rapidly. So fast in fact that we can apply all 3 layers of our products: Base Coat, Vinyl Chip Flakes & Top Coat in just *one day (for average sized residential garages).

*It’s important to note that large residential or commercial applications may require more than one day for installation.

Perfect For Any Type of Garage: Especially Sports Cars!

Oils, tire marks, dropped tools and constant shuffling – a mechanics garage is a busy place! Things are moved, set down, dropped, spilled, brushed and scraped while a mechanical enthusiast works on what he/she loves working on best – the cars and bikes! These venues are places of creation and where ideas take shape and new things are developed. Garages are humming places and often can become areas stained with grease and oils.

Not with our Polyurea floor coating system! Our products perform above all epoxy floor systems are guaranteed to be:

  • 4-times stronger than epoxy floors
  • Will NOT chip or peel
  • Resistant Abrasions, Stains, Oils and Grease
  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Easy to keep clean

In fact, it’s safe to say that our Polyurea floors were designed for the humming of a mechanics work shop! Our floors keep your garage protected, beautiful and clean. They enhance your lifestyle while working in your mechanical tapestry and allow you to worry less while learning and achieving more! Doesn’t that sound like the type of floor that you want for your home?

Renovating a Swimming Pool Deck

Renovating a Swimming Pool Deck

We enjoy challenges and this job site was certainly a challenge! This customer contacted us to apply our Polyurea Concrete Coatings on specific areas of their pool deck. They wanted to use our products to create an “edge” to their swimming pool and to provide comfort / durability to their outdoor living space.

Staying true to their reputation – Brandon and Coe did a fantastic job with this detailed installation! They spent the time necessary measuring exact distances around this swimming pool, prepping the job site, installing the product and insuring the job site stayed clean throughout the whole process.

Now our client is left with a stunning pool deck that looks beautiful and is much tougher than the stained concrete that preceded it!

This fiberglass swimming pool has a cantilever concrete deck. That means that the deck is 100% concrete – this allowed us to installed our Polyurea Floor Coating around the edge to create a custom coping look!

Fiberglass Swimming Pool with Cantilever Concrete Coping

For those who have a detailed eye for swimming pools, this particular swimming pool is a fiberglass pool with a cantilever deck. Fiberglass pools are single body pools constructed out of fiberglass and installed by excavating and setting the swimming pool – in one fell swoop. Often times fiberglass pool builders will install a concrete pool deck all the way around their swimming pools.

Being in the concrete renovation business, this is the perfect material for us to apply our Polyurea Concrete Floor Coating on! Our Vinyl Chip System (developed by Penntek Coatings) requires a concrete base for installation. That’s because our Polyurea Base coat adheres only to concrete surfaces. That being said, we needed to prep this job site for our products to properly adhere to the surface and ensure a proper installation.

Because this pool deck is a concrete cantilever, we had one single surface to work with. Our client had a specific request for our installation method on this job site. They requested for Brandon and Coe to create a “Coping” finish around the swimming pool. In essence, they wanted a nearly 2′ radius of our product installed all the way around their swimming pool. In order to achieve this, Brandon and Coe needed to accurately measure their chalk lines around the edge of the swimming pool and spend time focusing on the details.

Prepping The Job Site for our Installation

In order for Brandon and Coe to make this installation look neat and tidy, they needed to do the proper amount of prep work. Since this was a swimming pool deck, keeping the water clean and clear is essential. To achieve this, Brandon and Coe installed a polymil liner over the surface of the water and adhered the polymil material to the edge of the swimming pool with painters tape.

Additionally, they collected measurements in equal increments around the pool edge. This insured that our diligent crew created a pool coping that run parallel to the pool with equal distance on all sides.

Here you can see Brandon and Coe double checking their chalk lines before commencing with the installation of our Polyurea floor system. We love the detail of their work and know that our clients appreciate their attention to detail as well!

Measure Twice – Apply Once: Keeping Our Eyes on the Details

1 Day Coatings is all about the details. In fact, our crews have installed some pretty amazing Polyurea floor systems! From Commercial Kitchens, to Prisons, Hospitals, Machine Shops, Sports Car Garages, Back Patios & Sidewalks, Driveways, Pool Decks and much more – we focus on installing our products to your design tastes.

Our teams work in groups of 2 or 3 so that we can properly prep, install and clean up our job sites. This delivers the highest level of customer service, speed and accuracy so that our clients are left with a beautiful Polyurea floor system in a short amount of time!

In other words, we install our Polyurea Vinyl Chip System so that our floors can enhance your lifestyle and beauty of your home or work space. Our crews are detail oriented and we pride ourselves on our edge work, stamped floors and custom colors!

We created a custom finish to this concrete deck with a coping edge & by surfacing their outdoor living space. Our products create a smooth texture that is comfortable, safe and tough! Now client now loves their outdoor living space!

Cantilever Coping & The Outdoor Living Space

Alas, Brandon and Coe blew us away again and did a fantastic job on their finished product at this job site! Their detailed work on the pool edge created a fantastic design that leads the viewer to believe the coping is made of some other material than concrete. By installing our product along this pool edge, it creates a stunning design and enhances the safety and durability of this swimming pool deck.

Our Polyurea Conrete Coatings are able to hold up tough against all types of abuse, including:

  • Pool Chemicals
  • Foot Traffic
  • UV Light
  • Abrasions and Impact

Did we also mention that our surface is 100% Anti-microbial and 100% Anti-bacterial? Additionally, when wet Polyurea floor coatings provide a higher coefficient of friction than wet concrete. This means that our Polyurea material won’t be as slippery as concrete and creates a safer environment for you and your loved ones to walk one. That’s a huge benefit to our client who now has their surface closest to the water covered with our superior Polyurea floor coating!

Essentially, our Polyurea surfaces are tough, beautiful and provide a much safer environment than standard concrete.

Selecting a Custom Color

Additionally, our client selected a Custom Color: Smoke with 10% Primary Blue. Creating custom colors like this is part of what we do at 1 Day Coatings. We have a wide array of Vinyl Chip Flakes to choose from and being our client means that you can mix and match your colors to create a pattern that you love.

Whether it be your favorite color, business logo, school colors or favorite sports team – we can create a color that is 100% custom and matches your pride or hobby!

Getting started with us is easy! By completing our Contact Form, we can provide you with a quick Instant Estimate for your job site. Just upload some images of your home or work space along with some basic measurements. This gives us a chance to “visit” your job site before setting foot on property. You’ll be amazed at our speed and dependability!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today with a free instant estimate for your home or office!