Residential Garage Remodel – Crack Repair & Installation

Residential Garage Remodel – Crack Repair & Installation

Do you have that favorite project team at work who is always willing to show up and put in a hard day’s work? Are they are dedicated, talented and focused on doing a great job on any task that you give them? Whether it involves a time consuming task or a project that is more complicated than what they are used to – do they see it as a positive challenge? Maybe you’ve even noticed an improvement in client feedback because your clients enjoy working with that team so much?

At 1 Day Coatings, we have a team just like that! Brandon and Coe are new installers for 1 Day Coatings who seem to have their own following. They are young, dedicated and always willing to put in the extra hours to provide that exceptional experience for our clients. From large outdoor remodels to interior garage floor repairs & coatings – they seem capable of doing it all and with smiles on their faces.

Our clients love their ability to work quickly, install our 1 Day Coatings products and deliver exceptional value for their homes and offices. We are certainly proud of having Brandon and Coe on our team and we love the results that they deliver for our clients. This project is no exception and you can see just how beautiful this garage floor looks with this stunning Pecan Color installed in just one day!

Texas – The Perfect Environment for Crack Formation

Like most garage floors, this particular job site didn’t have any type of protective coating on the floor surface. Just exposed concrete. This is builder grade material and if you go out to purchase a home today, you’re 99% likely to wind up with this type of surface in your garage. Additionally, if you’ve owned a home previously, you familiar with floor stains and how easy they are to acquire. Whether it’s an oil leak from your car, a spilled can of paint, some dirty tools or just wear and tear over time – exposed concrete floors don’t hold up well over time.

In addition, you’ve always got to add in the factor of slight ground movement. Texas is the best state in America (nobody is arguing that) but we have some HOT summers and COLD winters. All of this variation in our ambient air temperature causes the soils beneath our homes to expand and contract.

These changes in air temperature drive expansion and contraction beneath the slabs of our home. Compound this with periods of dryness or wetness (due to heavy Spring rains) and you’ve got an environment that is perfect for concrete crack formations. This garage was no exception and our client had lots of hairline cracks spreading the surface of their garage floor. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect treatment option for floors with cracks so we performed some crack repair and treatment prior to moving forward with our installation.

Crack Repair & Surface Treatment

In order for us to patch and smooth our this concrete surface, we applied our CR Mender – developed by Penntek Coatings. This product works exceptionally well for filling in a wide array of crack sizes to create a smooth surface finish. It works by filling the voids left from cracks to create a surface that is two-times stronger than standard concrete. Once applied, we putty knife the finish to create a smooth layer with unnoticeable deviation from our concrete surface to the CR Mender product.

Our 1 Day Coatings applicators want our product to last for years to come: 15-years (Residential) & 5-years (Commercials) to be exact. That’s the timeframe for our exceptional warranty and we stand behind our products throughout the lifetime of your warranty policy with us! In order for our applications to hold up for these durations of time, we thoroughly inspect your concrete surfaces for imperfections to perform all types of repairs prior to applying our 1 Day Coatings products!

This is our way of insuring our client satisfaction and the optimal performance of our Polyurea floor coatings. By thoroughly evaluating the concrete surface, we identify and patch all of the existing cracks – providing our crews with a stronger and more durable surface than what was previously there.

Applying The Pecan Color

At 1 Day Coatings, we have a strong lineup of pre-assorted color selections that you can view on our Chip Color page! We have lots of clients who love the color selections that we already have picked up. Of course, you always have the option of customizing your color blend. After all, we are working with Vinyl Chip Flakes and there are literally hundreds of vinyl chip flake colors to choose from. But for this installation, our client was happy to go with the Pecan color chip, as seen on our images.

In order to prepare our concrete surfaces for the application of our Vinyl Chip Flakes, we first follow these steps:

  • Mechanically Grind the concrete surface to expose a fresh layer of concrete
  • Vacuum and remove all dust and debris
  • Identify & Treat all Surface Cracks with CR Mender or CR Patch & Coat
  • Apply Polyurea Base Coat across entire concrete surface

These steps sound simple, and they certainly are. However, the trick comes to the level of detail that we perform for each installation.

As you might image, our Polyurea Floor Coatings “adhere” to your concrete surface. In order for us to create the optimal level of adhesion, we have to first properly “prep” our concrete surface and remove all forms of dust, debris and repair the surface. Once “prepped” our teams apply our Polyurea Basecoat to create our first layer of adhesion to the concrete surface. From here, we broadcast our Chip Flake Selections across the fresh Polyurea Basecoat to create our color blend.

Get a Free Estimate Today

Do you have a specific area of your home or office that you’d like to protect and improve the performance of? If so, we invite for you to give us a call or fill out our Contact Form! Our teams are on standby ready to provide you with beneficial information pertaining to our Polyurea products and why they are the best products available for concrete coatings.

From Garage Floor Coatings, to Office Spaces, Commercial Facilities, Outdoor Living Spaces and much more – we can cover and protect any concrete surface that you throw at us!

Garage Floor Remodel – Lawton, OK

Garage Floor Remodel – Lawton, OK

How would you define a “man cave?” According to the Oxford Dictionary, a man cave can be defined as “a room or other part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family.” Generally speaking, man caves are limited to just the garage. In such habitats, men can be spotted working and sweating outside in a space designed for loud music, car maintenance and home repairs.

For generations, such spaces have been limited to elbow grease, an old stereo and cold beer. Nowadays, however, men are evolving into sophisticated creatures that enjoy the finer necessities of life. Air conditioning, an outdoor refrigerator, high end work benches and power tools – what’s left to be desired by the male breed?

If we may be so bold – we suggest upgrading the floor of that man cave from a dirty, oil stained concrete floor to a high end and beautiful Polyurea floor coating! Women – you’ll be proud of your new, beautiful garage floor and feel peace of mind knowing that he can’t stain or damage his “approved” play area of the home. You now have much greater control of his outdoor environment and he will presume that the floor coating was always his idea.

This is classified as a “win win” in modern Psychology and leaves both parties feeling content with their purchase decision. Take our advice – buy your man a upgraded floor coating. Your house, garage and man will thank you **(remember the key point – let them think it was still their idea).

Prior to installing any of our Polyurea floor systems – we always take diligent care to “prep” our concrete surface. This involves mechanically grinding your concrete surface to remove the top layer of concrete and expose a fresh aggregate for adhesion to our Polyurea Base coat.

The Cost of Floor Decals: Old School versus New School

Men, are you a proud fan of a sports team or the creator of a business that you want to represent? As you might’ve guessed, adding a floor logo to your concrete floors is a great way to show off your pride and boost the “cool factor” of your man cave! However, prior to the creation our revolutionary Polyurea Floor Coatings (developed by Penntek Coatings) installing a floor decal was expensive and difficult.

The old school method of installing a floor decal required the use of powered hand tools to etch a design into the concrete surface. During this process, the floor needed to be carefully etched (because any etch is a permanent engraving in a concrete surface). After creating the lines of the design, the concrete artisan then stained the concrete surface with various dyes and pigmentation. The design had to then cure and be sealed for long lasting protection.

As you might’ve guessed, this process is very time consuming and you’re paying for a all of the time required for that concrete artisan to install his design. This high price tag is often out of reach for most residential projects – hence the need for an alternative product…

One amazing benefit of our Vinyl Chip System is our ability to apply Vinyl Decals. These decals are great ways to customize your Polyurea floor coating! These decorative pieces are protected by our Polyurea Top Coat – which provides long lasting protection for your entire flooring system!

Our Method is Much Cheaper and Faster

Luckily, our method of installing a floor logo is simpler and much more cost effective. Because our products are installed in 3 steps: Polyurea Base Coat, Vinyl Chip Flakes & Polyurea Top Coatwe can install floor logos seamlessly without slowing down our installation crews. How do we do it?

As seen in our images from this Garage Floor Remodel – our teams install a vinyl decal right on top of our Vinyl Chip Flakes (before sealing the floors with the Polyurea Top Coat). All we need is the Vinyl Decal to lay onto our Vinyl Chip Flake (prior to sealing with our Top Coat). It’s as easy as that!

Designed With a High Level of Durability

Essentially we are just adding another Vinyl component to our Vinyl Chip Flake process. Why do we put so much emphasis on Vinyl components? Well, for starters, our floor are designed to retain a high level of flexibility throughout the lifetime of our floors. Our floors are capable of being mended and repaired – even years after their installation.

We put so much faith in our floor products that we offer a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty on all Polyurea floor installations. This is an unheard of guarantee in our industry. It’s our way to insuring that our clients receive the maximum level of protection. It’s also our way of delivering the highest quality service for floors that are designed to out last and out perform the competition!

Get a Free Estimate Today!

If you like what you see here, we invite you to fill out our Instant Estimator form! This is a great way for you to upload images and submit them directly to our inside sales staff. If you’re interested in learning more about our products and see how they fit into your budget – this is an easy, no pressure next step.

The form takes just a couple of seconds to fill out, and you’ll be well on your way to being more informed about our amazing Polyurea floor system. We hope to hear from you!

A Stunning Sports Car Garage

A Stunning Sports Car Garage

We’re not sure if we like the floors more or the sports cars! When we envision a garage full of beautiful automobiles, it only makes sense to us that the garage looks just as attractive and professional as the garage you see here! For a car advocate, one thing is certain: attention to detail and cleanliness are critical! It’s safe to say that this home owner feels good tucking his automobile babies in at night upon this newly installed Black and Red Polyurea floor coating!

We were giddy when we received this phone call! The chance to apply our floor coating on a garage that is beautiful is a perfect way to showcase our products. Designed for all types of concrete applications, ranging from garage floors to outdoor patios and even commercial facilities – our Polyurea System is the real deal!

Developed by Penntek Coatings, our Polyurea Floor Coating consists of a Vinyl Chip Flake layer (the pretty colored vinyl chips) plus a Polyurea Top Coat. Together, these two layers (plus the Polyurea Base coat) create a nearly impenetrable barrier between the concrete beneath and the life that happens on top! From housing gorgeous sports cars to a mechanic shop that changes the tires, our Polyurea floor coating system can handle it all! If you’re on the market to look for a floor coating that is as tough as you are – you’ve come to the right place!

No More DIY Epoxy Kits – Use a Product That Actually Works!

Ugh, to say that we’re tired of seeing one home owner after another apply a DIY (do it yourself) Epoxy Kit would be an understatement. These kits overpromise their abilities and have very specific standards for their applications. Oftentimes home owners think they can apply these kits themselves and that the application will work as smoothly as the YouTube video that shows it being installed.

Often the results are far less worthy to be bragged about than the video led you to believe. Often these epoxy kits (once applied) are near impossible to remove without mechanical abrasion and you’re lucky if you can walk away with a floor that looks halfway decent. From etched concrete surfaces from applying muriatic acid (hopefully surrounding areas don’t get damaged) to pock-marked coloring – epoxy kits perform far worse than they are advertised.

Luckily there is a solution to this maddening problem – call 1 Day Coatings to remove the epoxy nightmare and replace it with our professional developed and applied Polyurea floor coating system! Our products are designed by professionals for professional installation. In fact, we are one of a few Penntek Dealers in North Texas and we have been professional trained and certified by this manufacturer to warranty our products after installations.

Our Product Actually Adheres to Concrete

So what’s the hype about our products and why are so many people switching over to it? Well, for starters – our products work by actually adhering to the concrete substrate. Did you catch the part about the muriatic acid etching (above)? That’s right! Epoxy DIY Kits actually require their users to apply muriatic acid (without professional training) to create an etched surface so their products can adhere to that concrete surface. Yikes!

Luckily that’s not the recipe for the success of our products! Instead, we mechanically treat our concrete surfaces with a commercial floor grinder to remove the top layer of concrete and expose a fresh layer – free of dust, oils or contaminates. From there we apply our Polyurea Base Coat and allow the two entities to chemically bond together.

This is all a part of one smooth process and happens rapidly. So fast in fact that we can apply all 3 layers of our products: Base Coat, Vinyl Chip Flakes & Top Coat in just *one day (for average sized residential garages).

*It’s important to note that large residential or commercial applications may require more than one day for installation.

Perfect For Any Type of Garage: Especially Sports Cars!

Oils, tire marks, dropped tools and constant shuffling – a mechanics garage is a busy place! Things are moved, set down, dropped, spilled, brushed and scraped while a mechanical enthusiast works on what he/she loves working on best – the cars and bikes! These venues are places of creation and where ideas take shape and new things are developed. Garages are humming places and often can become areas stained with grease and oils.

Not with our Polyurea floor coating system! Our products perform above all epoxy floor systems are guaranteed to be:

  • 4-times stronger than epoxy floors
  • Will NOT chip or peel
  • Resistant Abrasions, Stains, Oils and Grease
  • 100% Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Easy to keep clean

In fact, it’s safe to say that our Polyurea floors were designed for the humming of a mechanics work shop! Our floors keep your garage protected, beautiful and clean. They enhance your lifestyle while working in your mechanical tapestry and allow you to worry less while learning and achieving more! Doesn’t that sound like the type of floor that you want for your home?

Pecan Color Installed in Wichita Falls TX

Pecan Color Installed in Wichita Falls TX

Beautiful New Floors for a Tired Garage

We’ve all been there – living in a home or apartment that is worn and tired. It’s put in a number of years housing its fellow residents and has worked tirelessly to provide a good home to all its occupants. It’s weathered storms, heat, chill, moisture and normal wear / tear. Your home has been the vehicle for life and supported your hobbies, activities, life and busyness. Isn’t it time for you to put back into your home for all of the years it’s put into you?

We believe that our homes are the living spaces where memories are made. Each room of your home has its special place in our hearts and functionality to our days. The laundry room is for laundry, the garage for our vehicles and the kitchen for cooking. What if we told you that those living spaces were more than just places for functionality? What if we told you that you could transform that worn out garage into a man cave or place for hobbies and activities?

Well, that’s exactly what our customer did for this Wichita Falls TX garage floor. By contracting with 1 Day Coatings, they’ve completely transformed this worn out vehicle space into a stunning man cave. What once was tired and worn is now a location for friends, beers, football or any other of life’s precious moments you want it to support! Why would you want anymore different from your home? It’s time to make memories in spaces you once thought worn out. It’s time to make a unique space that you can enjoy for years to come!

An Eye for Detail: Putting On The Finishing Touches

1 Day Coatings is a company founded upon good old fashioned values. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, getting a little dirty and providing our clients with a lovely product they’re proud of. We want to transform tired spaces into unique places for memories and life’s precious moments!

In order for us to create wonderful living spaces, we have to focus on the details and bring to life all that we promise we’re capable of doing. We therefore need to focus our attention on the little details, cracks, crevasses, nicks and crannies. It’s time for us to repair your existing concrete floors and refinish them with a beautiful industrial floor coating designed to last for years to come!

From repairing your existing flooring system to installing our renowned polyurea floor coatings – our teams are on standby to transform your space and make it into something new! Backed by a 15-year residential & 5-year commercial warranty, our products are superior to any industrial floor coating system on the market today! We can not only help redesign, refinish and install your new interior and exterior floors but we can guarantee their longevity and quality for years to come!

A Wide Range of Installation Applications

Are you looking for the perfect flooring solution for home, office or commercial space? Our team of professionals have the perfect solutions for your interior and exterior living spaces. From garage floors to utility spaces, commercial kitchens, warehouses and offices – we’ve done it all! For a real life list of examples and to see our work first hand, just check out our blog!

We update this list of job installations weekly – all for the benefit of our clients. We believe that it’s important for us to be an open book and provide real life examples of our products. It’s important to us that our clients understand the quality and experience that we provide.

Our clients work hard to create beautiful work and living spaces – it’s our job to compliment their efforts with a product that lasts and looks beautiful for years to come! Hence the birth of our company! Nathan Moore, our owner, is a passionate individual who believes in the value of hard work and taking care of our clients. It’s our key to success and the reason that we get up in the morning!

How Do You Select The Color for You?

Now, if you’ve read this far we must have you on the hook. It’s time for us to share our brilliant color options with you and give you some beautiful examples of real life installations.

1 Day Coatings installs polyurea floor coating products developed by Penntek Coatings. This brilliant manufacturer designed these industrial floor coatings to be installed with Vinyl Chips for color and brilliance. There are literally hundreds of colors to choose from! But to make things easy, we’ve come up with a list of pre-selected colors for your convenience.

We invite you to browse our list of colors and give us a call if you see one that you like. If this list of colors isn’t quite to your liking, no problem! We can custom design any of our Vinyl Chip Flakes to create the perfect look and design for your home or office space! Just let us know what you’re trying to create and provide us with some example, such as a logo or team emblem. With the power of 1 Day Coatings, we can create the perfect space that represents your as well as your home or business!

Custom Blue Slate Stone Color – Fort Worth TX

Custom Blue Slate Stone Color – Fort Worth TX

It’s All About Designing Your Life & Style

HGTV, Chip & Joanna Gaines, Flip or Flop, Love It or List It – all of these TV shows have us wrapped up and begging for more. We all wish that we could have the ability to flip our living spaces to match our life & style. Oh what a dream to call up Joanna Gaines and design your house from top to bottom. To literally come into your space and transform it into something unrecognizable…

So what is the secret sauce that all of these industry leading professionals have in common? For starters, a “can do attitude” and optimistic mindset. Beyond that, they all understand the importance of making the new living space represent their clients. If your client can feel at home in their new space and love the design and feel, then you’ve accomplished the mission. They need to believe that this new space is truly theirs and that it compliments both their life and style.

1 Day Coatings – Supporting Your Life & Style

Well, we do exactly the same thing here at 1 Day Coatings. We design your interior or exterior living spaces to match both your life and style on a daily basis. Life requires a floor that is tough for all that life has to throw at it. Spills, stains, abrasions, oils, drops, tears and scrapes – life is busy and hectic (especially once you throw kids into the mix). You need to have an industrial grade flooring option to support your active lifestyle – especially for outdoor spaces that are commonly used by all the family!

In addition, you want your industrial floors to match the style of your home and family. They need to speak to the life that you do there as well as bring out the inner designer from your soul. Our floors are beautiful, rugged, tough and retain their beauty for years to come. This means that once you’ve contracted 1 Day Coatings – we can flip your space to bring out only the best in it. You’ll be awed by the transformation and proud to own a floor that supports your life and retains its beauty despite what your life has to throw at it!

Custom Color Options: Blue Slate Stone

Here we’re showcasing a custom floor color that we designed and installed in a Fort Worth home. This garage had a nice spacious setting with broom finished concrete floors. Broom finished concrete floors are a common surface that we encounter. Home builders “upgrade” your home to them as an added benefit but they really don’t add any value to your home. Exposed concrete is susceptible to life and often cracks, stains, wear down, and look older with time.

Our team flipped this living space in just one day to bring out a beautiful & custom slate stone blue flooring system. This color option is part of our custom series (an option that we provide all of our customers). If you’re new to following 1 Day Coatings, this is a great time for you to browse our standard Color Options. It’s also a great opportunity to disclose – our colors are comprised of 100% Vinyl Chip Flakes. That means it’s also 100% customizable. Simply let us know what color of flakes you’d like to choose (we give you the complete lineup) and voila – your new industrial floors represent you and your lifestyle!

This is a great added value that our clients love. No longer do you have to go with colors that a flooring company tells you. No sir! Instead, you have the complete power to be you and represent your home, life, business, collegiate team or whatever makes you happy!

Repairing The Cracks & Crude Broom Finish

Aside from giving you 100% control over the color of your floors, we also repair the existing concrete surface before every installation. This is a crucial step that we don’t skip over. We take the time to expose a fresh concrete surface by using our commercial floor grinder to expose fresh aggregate.

We also clean out any material that might prevent a complete bond to our polyurea basecoat. This means removing all forms of elastic joint sealants, repairing cracks, filling joints and sanding down our surface. Our objective here is to develop a clean and essentially “sterilized” substrate for our products to adhere to. This is a classic misstep that inexperienced companies pass over and it leads to their downfall.

Our crews take the time to prepare your surface adequately (most important step) and then apply our renowned 1 Day Coatings products. Amazingly, we can do this entire process in just one day! How? We are factory trained & certified and backed by a superior residential & commercial warranty program. All this means that we have the skills and specialties to accomplish exactly what we say we’re gonna do in the time frame we say we’re gonna do it! We’re the flooring contractors that you can trust!

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Go With 1 Day Coatings – 1 Day Installation!

If you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for and you’d like to move forward with obtaining a quote – send us a message today! Our website allows you to send us an Instant Estimator form with all of the information that we need to provide an instant quote.

Simply fill out the form and provide your contact information, address, images of the job site and basic measurements. With this information, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your indoor or outdoor living space! We’ll also be on our way to complete our installation in just one day!

These Results are Stunning!

These Results are Stunning!

Regular Homes – Turned into Beautiful Spaces for Work and Play!

1 Day Coatings specializes in the application of Industrial Floor Coatings. What exactly is an industrial floor coatings? Well, just imagine for a second that you need to do some work in your garage. You’ve got your power tools, primers / liquids, electrical cabling and loud music. Ahead of you is a day full of working on that beautiful truck and you plan on becoming a dirty grease ball by the time your done.

Most men experience the thrill of putting work aside and giving enough time and attention to that special vehicle in their life. It’s the time when the gloves come off (your wife may tell you to put them on) and you get to spend some quality time in the great outdoors of your garage. You’ve cleaned the space (or not) and you’re gonna make that grilled cheese sandwich and beer for lunch. What’s not to love?

Well, for starters, if you fall into this category – then you probably hate putting that much effort into your car or truck just to have a garage that looks filthy when you’re done. You’d love to have a work space that works just as hard as you do and one that you can truly take pride in. After all, you’re creating some magic right in your very garage with the work of your hands.

Shouldn’t your work space reflect the quality of work you are producing? Don’t you want that classic truck or car to look amazing sitting in that garage after its shine and polish? If so, you desperately need our 1 Day Coatings industrial flooring in your life. We’re here to help!

A Floor That Works Just as Hard as You Do – And Looks Good Doing It!

Finally, there is another option to the grungy concrete floor that soaks up oils and never looks as good as the first day you owned it. Instead, we believe that it’s time to stop the madness and invest in a garage floor coating that lasts and is beautiful for years to come!

Introduce our 1 Day Coatings industrial floor coating! This rugged floor coating is stronger than epoxy flooring and contains materials that adhere to your floor – giving you a long lasting & beautiful design.

The secret to our success is our Polyurea Base Coat & Top Coat. What are the benefits to polyurea? For starters, polyurea is capable of providing:

  • 20x stronger than Epoxy
  • Completely waterproof & impact resistant
  • Won’t crack or peel due to temperature changes
  • UV Resistant – so it won’t fade in direct sunlight
  • Chemical, Abrasion & Oil resistant

In other words, you’re new polyurea floor will last a lot longer than you might expect. In fact, our floors are sold with a 15-year warranty – it’s certainly a product that we stand behind!

Creating The “Orange Peel-Like” Texture

Another amazing benefit to the 1 Day Coatings product line is the “orange peel-like” texture that it creates for your concrete surface. This texture is both beautiful and safe. It provides a natural shine to your floors that your guest and family will surely notice and compliment you on. In addition, the increased slip resistance makes these floors a great option for those with young children or elderly family members.

In essence, these floors not only enhance the beauty of your home – but they also enhance the quality of your lifestyle. You can now do all of the things that you’d normally enjoy doing without having to worry about how to protect your floors. They protect you and the cleanup of these durable industrial floor coatings is easy and stress free.

Perfect for the Home, Office or Commercial Facility

So, whether you are shopping for your Home, Office or Commercial setting – our 1 Day Coatings product is designed to enhance the quality of your home and work life. In fact, we’ve serviced many commercial facilities – ranging from Commercial Kitchens to Jails and Warehouses.

Our clients rave about the beauty and quality of their new 1 Day Coatings floors and can’t enough good things about our product line. It’s the primary reason that we are so passion about selling this product. We truly believe in it and the beneficial qualities it provides our clients! If you’d like a free estimate, we invite you to give us a call or fill out our Instant Estimator form! This is a great way to get in touch with us and provide us a quick overview of the job site, quickly.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Let’s take the first steps towards enhancing your lifestyle with our beautiful floors that you’ll love for years to come!