College Football is here y’all and it’s time to fire up those grills and get ready for some loud outdoor parties! If you haven’t bought your football tickets, new jersey, or scheduled your next outdoor cookout – it’s time to start now!

We all love college football season. It’s a great time of year to join together with friends and celebrate the performance of our favorite collegiate teams as they battle it out every Saturday night. Some of us take this tradition a bit more seriously than others, but we all have fun at the end of the day. Among all of the ways to prepare for this wonderful time of year, it’s a lot of fun to spruce up our Outdoor Living Spaces! What better way to celebrate your team than by showing off your collegiate pride?

Showing off our pride is something that we all love to do. It doesn’t have to be boastful but rather tasteful. Go hunting at Nebraska Furniture Mart or Target for the perfect Orange pillow to match color of your yard flag. College Football means that we all get to relax a bit and enjoy time outdoors as the seasons take a turn towards the holiday season. There is a lot to enjoy this time of year! Isn’t it time that you enjoyed your outdoor living space a bit more?

Does this picture look familiar? As you can see, prior to the installation of our polyurea floor coating, this floor looked just like a standard concrete surface. With our beautiful floor finish and our clients passion for their new outdoor living space – this patio turned into a work of art (literally overnight)!

Transform That Outdoor Living Space – And Keep It Protected

If you look at your back patio and huff at the thought of cleaning off the dusty furniture or sadden by the lack of beauty – no problem. You can turn all of that around with the right help and the right products! 1 Day Coatings has helped dozens of clients transform their outdoor living spaces into works of art.

Gone are the days of stained or treated concrete – that is both costly and limited in design and color. Here are the days of 100% customizable flooring options. We have the ability to coat any concrete surface with our cutting edge Polyurea Floor System. Developed by Penntek Coatings, our flooring system can be installed in as little as one day! Not only are we fast and 100% customizable, but we back our installations with a 15-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty!

This policy is greater than any other flooring provider around because we are here to help our clients receive the best possible service for our products. Should your floors chip, flake or peel – you can get a 1 Day Coatings professional to make it good as new with a simple phone call. We are here to help you enjoy your new outdoor living space to the fullest and we stand by our 1 Day Coatings protection policy!

Here is another example of a bare concrete surface: so common to many of our homes today. If you have to envision turning this into an outdoor living space, how would you go about it? Starting with a beautiful concrete floor coating is always a good place to start!

How Do We Price Our Products?

We’ve received a lot of interest on this installation from our Facebook page and lot’s of questions about how we price our products. To help provide some transparency and understanding of our pricing model we wanted to shed some light on what goes into our application process. For starters, we also recommend that our potential clients fill out our Instant Estimator form. This is listed on the Contact Page of our website and you can supply us with basic information such as name, address, contact info and attach images of your job site.

Once we’ve received this information, one of our 1 Day Coatings experts will contact you to discuss your interest in our products and send you information about our installation and material selection. From here we visit your home to obtain information such as:

  • Crack Repair
  • Vertical Rises (walls, steps or baseboards)
  • Moisture Levels
  • Overall Condition of the Concrete Substrate
  • Total Square Footage of project

Once we’ve evaluated all of the elements, we provide an accurate price. Our purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that we treat your concrete surface for long term performance. We want all of our clients to enjoy a lifetime of our 1 Day Coatings so we do our best to ensure that each area of the concrete surface is carefully evaluated before sending out our installation teams. Once our evaluation is complete and you approve the big – we schedule the installation and you get to enjoy our products for a long time because, well, they last a long time!

Ah, now that’s better! With just a simple change out of the floors this outdoor living space looks like a nice place to spend some time outdoors! Isn’t it amazing how a simple design change can totally transform a living space? We certainly think so!

Creating This OSU Themed Patio

For us to create a patio that looks as attractive and professional as this OSU themed outdoor space – we first off have to have a client who loves their outdoor living space. Our floor products do a great job to helping to boost your outdoor living environment. They provide long lasting protection against all that life has to throw at them. Lastly they make your floors look colorful and beautiful for all of your guest and family to enjoy!

But nothing can replace a client who loves their outdoor living space! For this particular client, you can see that the purpose of this patio renovation was to create a living space meant to be enjoyed… outdoors! For this client, they envision themselves watching college football and rooting on their favorite team every Saturday night! For them, this outdoor renovation was more about bringing the family and friends together than just protecting their concrete surface.

So how about you? Do you have an area of your home that you’d love to renovate and bring to life for your complete enjoyment? Do you have a man cave or an outdoor living space that you envision greater things? If so, we invite you to contact 1 Day Coatings – and let us help you bring your vision to life! We love working with clients who love their homes and offices. Our purpose is to provide a superior flooring product so that you can enjoy doing life in these areas. Let us help you accelerate your lifestyle and get the most enjoyment out of your home or office today!