We love big projects! It’s the time for us to show off our work and showcase what we can do as a company! For many of our clients, this is their first time investigating our product line and often times they have a lot of questions. What types of surfaces can your product be installed on? How easy is it to install? How long does it last? How protective is this floor coating? How much does it cost?

At first glance, we understand their questions. Our polyurea floor system is a unique product that very little companies offer. For most of our clients, they have never heard of polyurea floor products and they don’t know all of the benefits that they offer. From its wide protective characteristics to its longevity and wide color variations – our floor coatings can do practically anything we ask them to do. From commercial kitchens, to warehouse & factory settings to school cafeterias or even back patio installations – our polyurea floor system is designed to handle high stress environments down to simple daily living.

So to answer our clients questions simply: our polyurea floor system is designed to protect concrete surfaces with a 15-year residential / 5-year commercial warranty. Yes, we do stand behind our warranties and we offer a wide array of standard or customizable colors to choose from. Additionally, for most residential applications, our products can be installed in as little as one day. This is truly a revolutionary product line with a wide array of applications. Our clients love what we offer them and we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have while browsing our website!

What Are The Steps in our Application Process?

To truly understand our products, it helps a little to understand how they are installed. Our crews did an amazing job capturing the installation of this job site from start to finish to showcase all of the detailed steps of our process.

As you can see from our images, our crews initially start with a “blank slate.” Our products can only be installed on concrete surfaces but first we have to prepare our concrete surfaces for the installation. The image below showcases our technician grinding our concrete surface to make deep cuts along the hairline cracks of the substrate. Our purpose for grinding deeper into the cracks is to repair the concrete surface with our CR Mender product.

Upon installation of our CR Mender, we can begin grinding our concrete surface within 10 minutes of application. Additionally, our CR Mender is self-leveling and provides extreme adhesion for our Polyurea Basecoat. This should be considered as Step #1 of our application process and from here we complete Step #2: Grinding our Concrete Surface.

Step #2 & Step #3: Grinding our Concrete Surface & Polyurea Basecoat

After we treat and repair all hairline cracks within our substrate, we move onto Step #2: Grinding our Concrete Surface. Our products work much like a strong glue to concrete. However, concrete becomes dusty, oil ridden and acts as a poor adhesive surface from years of exposure to the elements. In order for us to prepare our surface for adhesion to our Polyurea Basecoat, we mechanically grind our surface to remove the to layer of concrete.

After we’ve removed the top layer we can then roll on Step #3: our Polyurea Basecoat. This product is rolled directly onto our concrete substrate and acts as the “glue” between our substrate & vinyl chip flakes. Once applied, this product cures in just a few short hour so we have limited time to apply our Vinyl Chip Flakes before the workability of the product diminishes.

Step #4 & Step #5: Vinyl Chip Flakes & Polyurea Top Coat

Now is the fun part: Step #4 – Vinyl Chip Flakes. At this stage, we apply the colorful vinyl chips that are distinct to the look and appeal of our product line. Because we are working with “vinyl” chip flakes – we have nearly a limitless amount of colors for you to choose from. Of course, we have some pre-assorted colors that you can browse our on Color Options page of our website. However, if you have a specific color arrangement in mind – we can help!

Just email us a picture of a logo or image so we can identify the Vinyl Chip Flakes that match closely to your design. From here we can create a customized surface that matches your business, favorite sports team or just to express your artistic creativity!

Upon installation of our Vinyl Chip Flakes we then move onto our final step: Polyurea Top Coat. This is the final stage of our installation process and it’s what seals and protects our Vinyl Chip Flakes from the outside elements. Rolled on as a clear liquid, our Polyurea Top Coat cures to create an “orange peel like” texture that provides excellent adhesion and superb protection for years to come!

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