Commercial Facility – Floor Remodel

1 Day Coatings was recently contacted by a Commercial Facility that needed their floors remodeled. We were happy to meet with this client and see what we could do for them. As you can see from the image (below), this client started out with basic concrete floors and desired to upgrade to our protective Penntek Floor Coatings system.

This facility required a flooring system that could withstand heavy foot traffic and resistance to abrasions. Our 1 Day Coatings system is easily able to stand up to the challenge and provide the necessary protection that our client desired.

For those who may be new to our blog, 1 Day Coatings provides a 15-year Residential Warranty and 5-year Commercial Warranty on all flooring installations. We provide such a valuable service to our clients because we know that our floors are tough and provide exceptional value to all of our customers!

Overview of Our Installation: Prepping the Concrete

Our teams always follow the same procedure when installing our 1 Day Coatings system. For starters, we buff the floor using our floor commercial grinder to remove the top layer of concrete. Typically this top layer is aged & pitted with dust; therefore it is unable to adhere to any flooring applications. We grind this top layer of concrete to create a “fresh” layer of concrete for our product to adhere to.

Secondly, we vacuum the floors to suck up and remove any lose debris or dust. Additionally, we round the corners between our floors and walls – so our installation has a smooth finish. This is also a good technique for keeping moisture out of joints between the walls and floors.

Lastly, for this job, we used painters tape to create our frame work for the application of our Vinyl Chip System.

For additional details and a more in-depth look at our application technique, check out this article: Domino Color Installation in a Large Garage. We like to provide in-depth material and provide insight into our application techniques.

We do all of this so you can see that we are truly experts who know how to prep, install and care for your Residential & Commercial floors!

Our Installation Techniques

Our Ability to Customize Colors

One great benefit of 1 Day Coatings is our ability to customize your Color Options! Because our product is based on a Vinyl Chip Flake system, we can select any color of chip flakes to create a look that is perfect for your home or office.

This is an amazing feature that our clients love and often use. If there is a local high school team, collegiate sport or even business colors that you want to show off – no problem. We can create the perfect blend of colors for your home or office setting to show off your unending pride!

The Benefits of 1 Day Coatings: Commercial Settings

We touched on a few of these points above, but we want to provide a quick recap of the benefits of 1 Day Coatings. For starters, Residential floors are often the treading ground of family, children and pets. Protecting your residential floors can often be tough but our teams utilize our product to keep your floors looking brilliant for years to come!

Commercial settings are just as rigorous and often place increased demand on your floors that you might not think about. For starters, offices and commercial spaces often have heavy equipment or machinery that gets moved and easily scuffs wood floors. Secondly, these commercial settings have heavy foot traffic that often results in some type of spill or abrasive abuse. Wouldn’t you like to have a floor system that is tough against all of this abuse and looks great for years to come?

Regardless of whether your floors are Residential or Commercial, our 1 Day Coatings product provides amazing benefits including:

  • Four times stronger than Epoxy floors
  • Will NOT Chip or Peel
  • True 1 Day Installation Time Frame
  • Easy to Keep Clean
  • 100% Antimicrobial & 100% Antibacterial
  • Customizable Colors

Get a Free Estimate Today!

If you like what you see here and would like some additional information or possible a general estimate, please feel free to contact us! Our team would like to meet you and is excited to provide you with the next step to protecting your Home or Office Floors!

In addition, if you have any questions or would like information about our customizable color options (like this job) just let us know. We are happy to help you customize your floors to provide the perfect space for your home or office environment!

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